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NRG signs s0m, fills second competitive roster spot

NRG is quickly expanding to the Valorant Esports title with the announcement of a second pick up

We previously reported rooted speculation that prominent Esports organization NRG was looking to make their first move into Riot's FPS shooter Valorant. Just yesterday, they pushed the first domino in explosive fashion by signing Counter-Strike legend Daps

The second domino falls today as another roster spot is claimed by fellow Counter-Strike refugee Sam "s0m" Oh. The ex-Gen.G competitor previously played Counter-Strike on numerous teams including Envy and Complexity

S0m, like many other FPS players, signs to a Valorant roster for the first time. From this day forward, he will rep the red and black

Previously a solid Counter-Strike fragger, s0m looks to similarly apply his shooting abilities in Valorant. As a result, s0m will most likely take a more aggressive player agent such as Jett or Reyna

We've already seen 100Thieves snipe Counter-Strike veterans turned Valorant pros Spencer "Hiko" Martin, Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella, and Joshua "steel" Nissan. On the contrary, s0m could present himself as a wildcard given his already impressive resume at the young age of 18

A leaked report suggested Daps, s0m, and Chett - a now retired Counter-Strike coach who also rolled over into Valorant - were all on the top of NRG's prospect list. Given that all three are now under contract, who will the team set their sights on next?

We'll keep you updated on any further team developments here and on Twitter


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