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Leaderboards, News, and Statistics for all Competitive Valorant Premier Tournaments

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Valorant Premier Scout

We have full Valorant Premier Tracking, starting with the Beta! Check out all of our features to track your Valorant Premier stats, scout other teams, and achieve victory. Knowing the other teams strengths and weaknesses will allow you to strategize and play the right comps.

Valorant Premier Team Search

Use the search box above to search for your valorant premier team or your opponents team to scout their stats. Find the stats of their team roster, and then see what agents they use, their matchmaking and premier stats, and plan your strategy!

Valorant Premier Regional Leaderboards

Check out the Valorant Premier Leaderboards for each region! Select your region above or check out top regions like EU West or US East. You can see team rankings, search for your team, and see past matches.

Valorant Premier Schedule

Head on over to your region to see the current valorant premier schedule! Find out when you play next and get ready to dominate the competition!

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