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Titles API

Match and player API data from your favorite titles delivered to your app as fast as possible.

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Ingest + Insights

Are you a game studio? We are capable of ingesting your real-time match data directly. We'll turn the data into a public API and provide you with analytics and insights including usage metrics and anomaly detection.

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Splitgate API

Tracker Network is the #1 network of community run gaming stats sites in the world. We're a very small team that loves building stuff for the gaming community, and we realized that we can serve the community better by opening up our knowledge and capability through a well thought out gaming stats API for developers. Some of the hardest work we do is getting access to stats in the first place, and we recognize this is a significant barrier for many developers. It's only through our determination and experience that we're able to get the data when others cannot. We don't believe in hoarding that knowledge, and this API allows us to provide the community with safe and reliable APIs so we can all enjoy stats and continue creating. Our game support currently includes an Apex Legends stats API, a CSGO stats API, a Division 2 stats API and a Splitgate stats API. We're working hard to expand this list as fast as we can, and you can expect many more of the titles we support across Tracker Network to land in this API soon.

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