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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Legends Tier List for Set 9

Which Legends will make you legendary?

As far as Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 9 is concerned, one of the most influential choices you can make happens before the game even starts. Choosing your Legend while in lobby could set the tone for your entire match. Whether you're a greedy catfish or a archaeological adventurer, each Legend makes a difference. However, how do you know if you've chosen the best Legend?

What are the most top tier Legends in TFT?

TFT offers you 15 different Legends to choose from. Each come with a unique range of augments, one of which you'll be offered each augment round. Depending on what you choose, it could mean an easier time to level 8, extra item loot, or no specific augments at all. It's up to you which you choose.

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S-Tier Legends in TFT

In the current meta, Ezreal and Draven are S-Tier because they are solid picks no matter what you're doing. Loot can make a huge difference in helping you set up your board and gives you more item options to outfit your units.

A-Tier Legends in TFT

All the A-Tier TFT Legends are popular because money, levels, and critical strikes are always powerful. A good chunk of change or a level pop at the right time can save you from seventh place, or even help you clutch a second or first place win at the last second. A lot of players underestimate the Tahm Kench Legend, but it's worth its weight in gold.

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B-Tier Legends in TFT

Legends in the B-Tier tend to be more flexible or have more niche uses. For example, both the Pengu and Poro Legends are quite simple– the Poro augment simply lets you play the game without any Legend buff. However, they can be surprisingly helpful and let you adapt to your shops and augments easier. Meanwhile, both Yi and Urf have their places in attack speed or emblem-necessary builds (like getting that final Void emblem for Baron Nashor).

C-Tier Legends in TFT

If you love Twisted Fate, Lee Sin, or Vladmir, you're not inherently incorrect. These three are simply C-Tier because they aren't as effective as other options. Right now, Ezreal is a much better item-collector than TF. Tahm Kench or Draven's money boosts are better than Lee Sin's rerolls. And as fun as boosting your units' health might be with Vlad, it's just an okay buff. However, in a different meta, these could end up becoming S-Tier.

D-Tier Legends in TFT

RIP Caitlyn and Bard. As much as TFT fans love both of these characters as champion units, their Legends are lackluster at best. Cait's champion options are only really worth it if you can get the prismatic version. Meanwhile, Bard's champion gifts aren't as impactful as itemization. They're both interesting concepts, but champion augments just don't do enough to be worth the Legends slot.

Now  go out there and take the best A and S-Tier Legends to victory.

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