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League of Legends Dev Update - Ranked Changes, Lee Sin and Teemo's ASU and more

What will 2023 bring to League of Legends? Find out here.

According to the newest dev blog, we may expect a number of changes to League of Legends for 2023 and 2024. Riot Brightmoon and Meddler discussed several updates, including a significant ranked overhaul, introducing a new ranked tier, ASUs, and more. With a total of four dev blogs, players surely have a lot to anticipate from this day onwards. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s to come in League of Legends.

Ranked Changes for 2023

The ranked system in League of Legends is getting a few tweaks to make the experience more streamlined for players.

Riot is implementing some adjustments to the system in order to even out the percentage of ranks and position silver and gold players who have been caught in a rut to a higher place without causing any rank inflation.

As a result, a new rank, Emerald, has been added to the system. League of Legends: Wild Rift was the first to include Emerald, and now it's making its way to the PC version. In line with this, "Riot Auberaun" claims, Platinum badge will be getting a visual makeover so as to avoid any confusion.

On the other hand, the number of placement games you’ll need to reveal your rank will also be reduced from 10 to 5. This allows you to save time and determine your real way more quickly. Alongside this change is the removal of the promotion series, which has caused a lot of frustration to its players during their ranked journey.

Two Champions are getting their long-awaited ASUs

Teemo and Lee Sin have been around the rift since 2009 and 2011 respectively, and are still very much in the picture today. The good news is that these two champions are set to receive their long-anticipated art and sustainability update.

According to the dev update, Lee Sin’s ASU will arrive first in the first half of 2024, with the second half reserved for the Swift Scout.

Stephanie “100 pc nuggets” Leung also teases and shares a glimpse into the progress of the ASU for both champions.

Changes on Lee Sin are mostly tied to the attempt to solidify his proportion and define his silhouette while being able to highlight and emphasize his power source of dragon spirit magic.

Teemo, on the other hand is bound to receive alterations to his spell animations, giving him more life by adding expressions to his face. Additionally, his voiceover, lore and recall will also receive updates.

Star Guardian skinline, Samira's Ultimate Skin, Mythic skin thematic and seven Prestige Skins will soon be available

Leona's newest mythic skin, Crystalis Motus which was initially revealed is now available on the PBE. Soon, the latest skin thematic will include Taliyah and Ashe later this year.

Crystalis Motus Leona (Image via Riot Games)

Star Guardian Skins, which have been highly requested since their introduction on Wild Rift, are now making their way to League of Legends. Patch 13.13 will introduce Star Guardians Seraphine and Orianna, and Patch 14.14 will bring Star Guardian Senna. Meanwhile, Redeemed Xayah and Rakan will be available at the end of the year.

Star Guardian Orianna (Image via Riot Games)

To top it off, after three whole years, a new ultimate skin will emerge and this time around, it will be given to Samira.

Lastly, seven prestige skins will be given out to the following champions:

  • Pyke
  • Shaco
  • Sona
  • Renata Glasc
  • Akali
  • Yone
  • Camille

That's everything you need to know about what's coming to League of Legends this year. Keep yourself updated to the latest news, current leaderboards and more by checking out our League of Legends stats tracker.


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