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How to play Nexus Blitz in League of Legends

Here's how to play League of Legends' Nexus Blitz.

Following the success of Arena, League of Legends players are now in for the comeback of the well-loved game mode, Nexus Blitz.

After years of absence, Nexus Blitz is finally returning to League of Legends. It is one of Riot's featured game modes that caters to casual players or players who might be looking to relax after a stressful game. Casual does not mean boring. In fact, Nexus Blitz is an action-packed game mode that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat with a large number of mini-game modes.

Nexus Blitz had previously entered LoL and made itself available to players twice before. So, if you've been playing the game for years, you are likely to be familiar with how the game works. If not, don't worry, as this Nexus Blitz guide is for you. Here's everything you need to know on how to play Nexus Blitz.

What is Nexus Blitz

Nexus Blitz is one of League of Legends' featured game modes that made its debut in 2018. Similar to game modes like All Random All Mid (ARAM), Twisted Treeline, and Arena, Nexus Blitz has its own unique map. In Nexus Blitz, players are required to form a team of five, consisting of two junglers and three laners. This composition is because the map is divided into lanes and jungle areas.

Above the map, there is a large area where jungle camps are located. On the lower half, you'll find a single lane that's divided into two parts. As in a regular Summoner's Rift game, the primary objective in Nexus Blitz is to destroy the enemy nexus. However, to gain an advantage and progress towards victory, players must participate in and win random events that occur throughout the match, which offer rewards to the winning team. These events make Nexus Blitz a dynamic and action-packed game mode that keeps players engaged and entertained.

When is the start and end date of League of Legends Nexus Blitz 2023

League of Legends Nexus Blitz is expected to arrive on October 25, 2023 at 2PM CT until November 28, 2023 1AM CT.

Lobby and Champion Select in Nexus Blitz

Before joining the Nexus Blitz queue, players must select a role from three options: jungle, lane, or fill. Afterward, they will enter a draft pick-style champion select where they can choose and ban a champion of their choice.

For junglers, it is mandatory to pick Smite, which is a vital summoner spell for jungling. However, teleport is disabled, meaning that it cannot be used by any player in Nexus Blitz.

The first event that will occur in the game will also be announced during this champion select phase, adding an element of anticipation and strategy to the game.

Nexus Blitz takes place on a map known as the "Temple of Lily and Lotus," which is designed to evoke the theme of Ionia, one of the regions in the League of Legends universe.

All champions in this game mode will receive the following buff:

  • Summoner spell haste.
  • Bonus mana regeneration per 5 seconds.
  • Increased XP over time
  • Bonus magic resistance.

When entering the game, you will notice familiar faces in the jungle such as the raptors, gromp, Kug, Murk Wolf, Rift herald, Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback, they’re also here to have fun!

However, there are jungle monsters that are exclusive to the game mode:

Jungle Guardian

As the name implies, Jungle Guardian protects the jungle. Each team has one, and it will be there to protect you. If you’re inside the enemy’s jungle area, make sure to keep an eye on them as they will attack you. However, you have the option to kill them anyway to get 300 Gold.

Frog Catapult

These are catapults that are positioned on either side of the map. Interact with it to launch yourselves to a fixed location, just like in URF.

What are League of Legends Nexus Blitz Events

Nexus Blitz is indeed a unique game mode that combines various mini-games and events within a single match. These events add excitement and variety to the gameplay. Here are some of the events or game modes you can encounter in Nexus Blitz.

Bardle Royale Classic

Bardle Royale essentially works like a Battle Royale, with a circle of flame closing in on a particular area on the map. Often, the position of the circle favors the losing team. There are two rules: make sure to eliminate the whole enemy team, or push them out of the ring. In this mode, champions with the ability to push enemies away such as Alistar and Gragas shine best.

Bardle Royale: Juggernaut

Same as classic bardle royale, however one champion in your team will have a huge amount of health and the ON FIRE! Buff at the start. It all depends on your team on how you’re going to play around that champion.

Bardle Royale: Paranoia

A bardle royale mode as well but the additional paranoia will make the game a lot harder. In this event, players' sight radius will be reduced and will also lose allied vision and pings as well.

URF Deathmatch

If you’ve ever played URF, you will be familiar on how this works. In URF deathmatch, player will gain URF buff also called as the “Awesome buff of awesomely awesome buffing”. More movement speed, tenacity, movement speed, ability haste, attack speed, crit and less mana and energy consumption. Well, you will be overpowered at this point.

Then, players will be positioned at the middle of the map and fight the opposite team until one team gets completely eliminated.

Loot Goblin

Loot Goblin is an event where either Teemo or Veigar spawns. Hitting them grants gold, however the score who gets to kill them wins the event.

Push the Cart

As the name suggests, players will have to escort the cart in order for it to move.

Push the Cart: Attack/Defend

Similar to push the cart, but time-capped and this time around, there will be two carts instead.

Prize Fight

Prize Fight basically places an Arena in the middle of the map where players will fight. However, instead of it becoming a 5v5, it will be a 2v2 just like the previously released mode.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is essentially Control Point. Here, players will have to stand inside the circle. You and your team must remain inside, and make sure to prevent enemies from going in to complete your progress.

Scutter Racing

There will be two scuttlers, one for each team and both must compete in a race with the help of the team. The first scuttler to reach the finish line wins.

In order to make sure that your scuttler will win the game, kill the enemy scuttler by dealing damage as it will put it in a stunned status before reviving to continue walking again.

Protect the Soraka

Soraka would always protect you. However, it’s probably time for you to protect her this time around.

There will be two Soraka bots inside the map. Much like the usual, Soraka will use Astral Infusion to heal herself and her team, and she can also use Equinox to her opponents. This bot will be granted AP, Health, and Support items to for her own and her team’s survivability.

Winning the game requires you to defeat enemy Soraka while protecting your own.

DPS Check

DPS Check spawns a practice dummy either in the middle of the map or to the side of the losing team. In order to win, players must be able to dish out as much damage as possible. The dummy will stand there for a total of 75 seconds, and the team who’s able to deal the highest damage will win the event.

Sudden Death: Nexus Blitz

Sudden Death is set to be the final event, and will occur at 18 minutes. In this event, players will be brought back to base, then their own Nexus will turn into a golem called as Nexus Minion, and will start to walk towards the middle. The main objective is to make sure you’ll get to kill the enemy nexus to win the game.

Nexus Blitz event rewards

Make sure to win each event to receive rewards that may become extremely useful during the game.

Here are the complete list of rewards in Nexus Blitz

  • Catapult of Champions: Receiving this will place a catapult next to the fountain that will allow you to launch yourself across the map.
  • Blessing of Blizcrank: This reward gives your turret and minions the ability to cast Blitzcrank’s Rocket Crab. If the enemy fails to dodge this, they may end up getting pulled towards the turret.
  • Poro King: Spawns the Poro king
  • Battle Sled: Players can ride the battle sled, with one player controlling it. This can bring you anywhere across the map and will be destroyed upon hitting something.
  • Guardian Angels: All members gain the Guardian Angel effect, having the ability to resurrect afs
  • Statikk Shock: Gains Statikk Shock effect
  • BF Shields: Getting this award allows you to
  • Mega Cloud Drake: Your team gets mega out-of-combat movement speed.
  • Mega Ocean Drake: Your team gets mega regen.
  • Aspect of the Dragon: Your team can execute enemies when their hp goes below the threshold.

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