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VALORANT Patch Notes 8.11: Agents Updates, Abyss, Map Rotation and More

All you need to know about Patch 8.11

One of the biggest VALORANT patches is going live in a few hours. The latest patch brings major tweaks to VALORANT agents, a new map and confirming the newest map pool for competitive and esports. With that being said, here are all Patch 8.11 Notes.



Double Tap (E)

  • Iso now grants himself a shield upon finishing a 1 second animation during which he can’t use his gun.
  • This plays a shield forming sound at the end of the channel when the shield is activated.
  • Charges 2 >>> 1
  • Kill reset added to Double Tap (Iso gets a charge back if he gets 2 kills).
  • Iso now receives a Wall Penetration tag instead of a standard Heavy Penetration tag when the shield is broken. This means he’s slowed less upon his shield breaking.
  • Additionally, Iso now gets a damage indicator towards the direction of the enemy that broke the shield
  • Iso can now recast Double Tap while it’s active to refresh the duration of the shield.
  • This is relevant if he gets a refreshed charge of his Double Tap from getting 2 kills.


Fast Lane (C)

  • Fast Lane (C) dissipates from behind to minimize visual noise in combat space while giving cover for Neon.
  • Fast Lane’s (C) audio has been updated to travel with the fade out of the wall.
  • Wall Duration 6s >>> 4s
  • Wall Dissolve Duration 1s >>> 2s

High Gear (E)


  • Neon no longer has her strafe speed reduced while sprinting.
  • Max Sprint Speed while moving sideways 6.73 meters/second >>> 9.11 meters/second
  • Time until Full Fuel Regen 60s >>> 20s


  • Slide charges 1 >>> 2
  • Neon now removes all weapon movement error when sliding.
  • This effectively means she’s more accurate while sliding.
  • Second Slide Cost: 150
  • Equips out of slide: Fast >>> Instant
  • Slide equip buffer >>> .2s (after sliding, there is .2 seconds before her gun comes out)

Relay Bolt (Q)

  • Charges 2 >>> 1
  • Windup delay 1.1s >>> .8s
  • Concuss Duration 3.0s >>> 3.5s


Devour (Q)

  • Healing decreased 100 >>> 50
  • Full heal time reduced from 3s >>> 2s
  • Overheal of armor no longer decays after a timer.

Dismiss (E)

  • Top speed increased 9.1 meters/second >>> 12 meters/second
  • Total duration of Dismiss reduced from 2s >>> 1.5s

Empress (X)

  • Empress no longer has a timer and is permanent until Reyna is killed or the round ends.


Blast Pack (Q)

  • Raze’s satchels no longer explode for damage/knockback upon opponent destruction.
  • Raze’s horizontal velocity when satcheling has been slowed.
  • Satchel explosion audio has been updated to be audible farther away to ensure enemies can hear the first satchel when a Raze double satchels.


Pick-Me-Up (C)

  • Cost 100 >>> 200
  • Duration 10s >>> 8s
  • Damaging Assist Time to activate 10s >>> 6s

Not Dead Yet (X)

  • Cost 7 >>> 8
  • Unequip Delay .7 >>> .8s
  • BUG FIX: Clove’s ultimate will no longer survive the fighting state if they get a smoke assist.


Esports Hub Team Page Improvements

  • Added roles to our roster information to help differentiate between players, substitutes, and coaches.
  • Added blurbs highlighting the personality and accomplishments for teams in VCT Americas and VCT Pacific, with more on the way!



Radio Command Wheels

  • Radio Command Wheels include more relevant call-outs, a higher variety of pings and Agent VO, and brand new Wheels to extend player communication across more phases of the round. We’ve also removed some less useful commands to make the wheels as quick and easy to use as possible while making sure the most important commands are easy to access.
  • New Strategy Wheels during the Buy Phase
  • Unique Strategy Wheels for Attackers and Defenders
  • New Commands Wheel on the Megamap
  • Updated options on existing Command Wheels
  • Updated VO on existing Commands Menu (PC only)
  • Streamlined Wheels to feature most important command options


New Player Tips

  • Implemented a "New Player Tip" system that will display useful in-game information based on the actions you take during the match. These tips will provide critical information for gameplay fundamentals, potential focuses for skill improvements, and suggestions for advanced strategies.
  • New Player Tips have been built from the ground up for Console Limited Beta to give you more opportunities to skill-up and learn VALORANT faster via:
  • Tips that 'listen' to your in-match actions and behaviors
  • Tips that level up with you as you learn the fundamentals of VALORANT gameplay, from beginner to advanced strategies
  • If you’re a returning player, New Player Tips won't show up, since you already have a good grasp of the fundamentals. If they do pop up, and you’d like them to stop, you can always switch them off in Settings


Read More: New VALORANT Map Abyss: Layout, Preview, Release Date and More



  • A 5v5 spike mode map that provides thrilling danger with its precarious pitfalls (watch your step) and vertical gameplay. ABYSS is the first VALORANT map that has no boundaries and takes place in the secret hidden fortress of the Scions of the Hourglass.
  • Abyss is our newest map and features three lanes and two sites.


  • Please note, there are significant map pool updates in the 8.11 patch. In addition to a brand new map entering the rotation, we have made the following changes.
  • Starting in patch 8.11, Competitive, Deathmatch, & Premier queues will contain ASCENT, BIND, ICEBOX, LOTUS, SUNSET, and HAVEN (returning).
  • ABYSS will enter the competitive pool in patch 9.0.
  • ABYSS will enter the premier pool in patch 9.02.
  • BREEZE and SPLIT have been removed from the above map pools.
  • Starting in patch 8.11, Unrated, Swift Play, Spike Rush, & Escalation will move to an OPEN map pool. All maps (including ABYSS) will be available in these queues.
  • Please continue to share feedback as we work through improving the map pool experience. And keep an eye out, because we’ll be sharing more about map pools in the future!



  • New console players will have access to a limited number of maps for beta launch. We know there’s a lot to learn when you’re new to VALORANT, so we’re limiting the map pool to allow players who are queuing up for the first time have an easier time learning core mechanics and map layouts.
  • The initial map pool for console will include ABYSS, ASCENT, BIND, and HAVEN
  • A new map will be added on every patch starting with 9.0
  • There will also be a limited number of modes queues for console Beta (please see “mode updates” section)
  • All Team Deathmatch maps will be available for console beta
  • All 11 VALORANT spike mode maps will be available in custom game mode.


  • The open range has been updated for console beta
  • Various visual updates to the environment
  • Visual updates to in-world UI panels (bot shooting range & practice target)
  • Practice target has moved to a new location
  • Portal & playable mini training modules have been removed from the environment

Read Full Patch Notes Here: VALORANT Patch Notes 8.11

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