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Massive Changes to VALORANT Path to Pro 2025: VCT Ascension, Challengers, Premier and More

The path to pro is now clearer than ever

Riot Games has posted plans for things to come in later this season and for the upcoming season of VCT. The plans revolve around VALORANT’s Path to Pro, from Premier to Ascension. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Next season will include performance-based extension for Ascension teams and will see the removal of auto-relegation.
  • Each region will feature Premier Invite Division in which Premier and Challengers (Tier 2) will connect, making a clearer path to pro.
  • Challengers (Tier 2) will receive more tournaments taking place in Fall 2024.
via Riot Games

Ascension: Performance Matters

Ascension is receiving an overhaul that will allow for an extension in the International Leagues based on performance, eliminating automatic-relegation once and for all. In addition, the maximum teams in the International Leagues will be capped at 12. Ascension winners will be judged based on performance, falling into one of the three categories:

  • Ascension teams reaching VCT Champions (top 4 in the International League) will extend their term by another year. If both teams make it, the better-performing team stays, while the other competes in Ascension for their spot.
  • Teams finishing in the top 8 of the International League will get a chance to defend their spot by competing in Ascension against upcoming Challenger teams.
  • Teams failing to reach Stage 2 Playoffs (bottom 4 in the International League) will be relegated back to their respective Challenger League. If both Ascension teams are relegated, two new teams will be promoted.
via Riot Games

Premier: Path to Pro

Premier is where the Path to Pro begins, seamlessly incorporated into the game. The new Invite Division, which launches in Episode 9, Act 1, will be the pinnacle of in-game competition and advance teams into Challengers. Through competition for Challengers League places, Invite winners can proceed continuously under this system. Teams will be promoted every two Acts in Premier, which will run more frequently than Challenger seasons. Thirty teams have already moved up from Premier to Challengers in the May Promotion Tournament. 310 teams from 77 countries battled for Challenger League qualifying in Episode 8, Act 2, guaranteeing that only the best players advance.

via Riot Games

Challengers: More Tournaments

Challengers season will be extended to span throughout the YEAR! New Challengers League tournaments will be hosted in the fall of 2024. More details regarding this will be announced sometime next week.

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