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CS2 Site Update - 24th Nov 2023

It's been a busy week, here's what's new on our CS2 stats site.

Hey all, we launched our CS2 stats site last Monday (20th Nov)! Thank you for checking our site out, we hope you're enjoying it!

Here's a rundown of what we've added to the site since Monday:

Profile Overview

Stat Percentiles

Want to see how your stats compare to other CS players? We're now showing percentiles next to key stats. These are based on all the players within our database for the current playlist you're viewing. We'll be adding percentiles on more stats shortly.

Overall Tracker Score

We've added our famous "Tracker Score", it's a personal performance rating out of a 1,000 possible points. It allows you to understand your performance in your own skill group. If you'd like to read more about our Tracker Score, you can read the article here. The article needs updating for CS2, but lets you get the gist of what we're doing.

Rating Progression Graph

You can now track your CS Rating progression on a graph! We'll add the graph for Competitive and Wingman soon.


Added FACEIT elo & skill level for applicable profiles.

Detailed Stats Drawer

Get a detailed list of your stats! Click the "Show More" button on your profile page. Clutch stats will be added here soon.

Match History Updates

Summary for the Last 20 Matches

View your performance from the last 20 matches rather than overall.

Tracker Score Per Match

We're rating your match performance out of a thousand possible points. Look out for the icon with the little crown in the centre! Tweet us @trackernetwork if you hit a score of 1000 💎.

Match Report Updates

Tracker Score For All Players

Understand which players had the most impact in your match quickly.

Match Win Prediction

As a bit of fun, we try and predict the odds of your team winning. You can view this prediction at the start of your match with our in-game app which has live match tracking!

Want to view a replay from any match on our site from the last 30 days? Hit the "Watch Replay" button on a match report.

Weapons Stats

Basic weapon stats are up. More stats coming soon, stay tuned.

Mobile App

We're adding support for CS2 in our mobile app! It's almost ready, here's a sneak peak 😉. You can download the mobile app here.

Stay tuned for future updates via Twitter/X. Feel free to send us your suggestions on our Discord too!


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