Tracker Score, Our New Performance Rating

We've developed a new system which allows us to incorporate multiple stats into a single performance rating.

Over the years we've seen our apps become central to understanding in-game player performance. We would provide the stats and leave it to the players to decide what's meaningful. Different stats were endorsed by different communities. Sometimes we would see one stat lose favor to another. Other times the community couldn't decide on what the most telling stat was. We're thinking maybe there's a better way.

We've developed a new system which allows us to incorporate multiple stats into a single performance rating, which we're calling Tracker Score. Tracker Score incorporates a few select performance indicators (varying by game, of course) and combines them into a single number based on weighted value.

By combining several factors and weighting them, we smooth out inconsistencies in overall performance and (hopefully) create a better signal for individual performance than any one stat could do on its own.

We understand deciding what stats are chosen for performance rating is controversial. Our choices for factors were made based on a combination of intuition about the games we love, and a more boring detailed analysis. With that said, we believe the community has great intuition, and if we find that a change is needed to how or what we're scoring, we're ready to make adjustments.

So what does it look like? Well, starting today you may notice this on your profile if you use our Valorant or League of Legends sites. (We'll be adding support for more titles soon!)

Players are scored out of 1,000 points based on their performance relative to the total player population. Everyone (unless they're smurfing 😡) plays at their skill level, which means on average you perform about the same as your allies and opponents. But when you pop off or if you're climbing, your performance will be better than your allies and opponents. That's the type of performance we're trying to highlight. For that reason, it's possible for players with low MMR (who are climbing or popping off) to achieve scores similar to those with high MMR from game to game, and vice-versa. If you compare it to something like K/D/A or Damage Delta then this should make intuitive sense. (It's for that reason that Tracker Score is not a replacement for MMR/ranks.)

We've also color coded tiers for the stats: S (Blue), A (Green), B (Yellow), C (Grey), and D (Rose). In our testing we found that color coding makes it really easy to see how people are performing at a glance – we hope you think so too.

For a deeper analysis, you can click on a stat to see more details:

As mentioned earlier, we've picked specific factors that we think are strong performance indicators. They're listed below for each title.


  • Win %
  • KAST
  • ACS
  • Damage Delta per Round

League of Legends

  • Win %
  • Gold per Minute
  • Vision Score per Minute
  • Kill Participation %

We'll be collecting feedback on Tracker Score from the community over the coming weeks. We'd love to hear what you think on our Discord, on Twitter, or wherever else you can find us.


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2 weeks ago

Win% is related to how well you contributed to the team though. If you keep losing rounds but you have a high combat score, you don't deserve to rank up because it means there's something about your gameplay that's too selfish.

1 month ago

I love this addition, you should replace win% with something like damage per round or KDA instead though, as winning isn't really related to individual performance if you're in soloq.

1 month ago

what's the in-game track score stands for? Did we just calculated the other 3 aspects except for win rate?

1 month ago

Love it, but I think instead of the crown it would be better to have the letters in the middle

1 month ago

I like this idea, I really do. Keep up the great work

1 month ago

Is there a way to see the specific scores for a specific Game you played? You can see the overall one but I would like to kno wfor example how good my KAST was

1 month ago

Valorant feedback, Colors reading is a little difficult, i still get confused which color is better than the other, i would suggest to use colored "S, A, B, C, D" instead. Overall, the new tracker score gives a helpful match brief about how a player has performed so well done guys!

1 month ago

why cant you show rr+- in match history here? a better system for improvement right now is just look at rr+ or - if you get more rr than your teammates that means you were more useful than your teammate because valorant knows how there game is meant to be played and if you play accordingly you get more rr.

1 month ago

can you guys do something like comparing games to proplayer games because i mma be honest this tracker score does not work. it can give youu your feeling of work accomplished you quantified player numbers into a score

1 month ago

This is an awesome feature. I've been wondering how I perform on a per-game basis without the KDA being some sort of metric. For example, did I do impactful plays even if I was not contributing in frags? With the Tracker Score, I think the question can be answered in the most objective way possible.

I have no comments on how to improve the system since this is the first time I've been measured in such a way. Regardless, thank you for this feature.

1 month ago

I believe that the KAST statistic should be given the most weight and KDA should replace Winrate in the Tracker Score system. The majority of players in Valorant play solo or duo and often, the outcome of the game is beyond their control. As a result, it's important to consider the attributes that lead to wins rather than relying solely on the end result.

I understand that some players may focus on KD, which could result in an undeservedly high Tracker Score. However, I like the concept of taking into account all factors that contribute to wins in matchmaking.

I love that this feature exists now!

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