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Brace yourself: Knights, Ninjas, Nobles, and Void all set for overhauls when Patch 9.15 releases

Four traits are set for major overhauls as Patch 9.15's changes hit the Public Beta Environment, including Knights, Ninjas, Nobles, and Void.

Perhaps most notably, the struggling Void trait is set to deal true damage instead of gaining 50 percent armour penetration in a move that might actually bring the champions under that umbrella back into the meta. Knights are also set for a boost with their trait now allowing all allies to block 15/30/55 damage taken.

The change pushes Knights into a very defensive "turtle style," and may make the tankier-focused players gravitate towards the armoured heroes.

Ninjas and Nobles have also been delivered fresh changes, though these are more to balance the strength of the traits rather than jump them into a new strategy or meta. The Noble buff will now give 60 armour, 60 magic resist, and the unit affected will restore 35 HP on-hit.

Ninjas have remained a 1/4 split on gaining the trait, but now one Ninja gains 40 attack damage and 40 percent spell power, while four sees all Ninjas gain 60 attack damage and 60 percent spell power.

The final trait touched on in 9.15 is Guardians, who have received a minor boost. The trait will now give adjacent allies 10 more bonus armor, from 40 to 50.

In Champion-specific changes, Kennen has finally been slapped with reductions after ruling the roost for the past few weeks. The little Yordle's ultimate power has been reduced from 350/560/770 to 225/450/675.

His nerfs come alongside a 50 damage debuff to Ionic Spark, and a drop for Demons' mana burn chance from 25/50/85 percent to 20/40/80.

Ashe, Kindred, Karthus, and divisive League of Legends hero Yasuo are all set for buffs in the next patch, however. Ashe’s damage is getting increased by five, while Kindred and Yasuo’s damage will be increased by 10.

Karthus’ ultimate can now target more enemies, while his ultimate damage has been increased from 350/600/850 to 400/700/1,000.

Riot has also confirmed Dragons, Assassins, and Pirates are all in the adjustment firing line, though none have appeared on the PBE changes just yet.


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