Teamfight Tactics competitive ranked mode just over the horizon for live servers

Isaac McIntyre

After nearly a month of Teamfight Tactics on the Public Beta Environment and the League of Legends live server, the game is set for another major release - ranked queues are set to descend on the game in the next few days.

This is a chance for TFT players to finally find out just how good they are at Riot Games' newest entry into the autobattler wars, and see how they fare against the best of the best in their region.

The first competitive season will be titled "Beta Season", and will release during Patch 9.14. This 'trial' season is estimated to run for up to three months as Riot works through the kinks and problems that any new ranked ecosystem may have, before they refresh into a new season around October.

Riot has already added the ranked mode to the PBE servers, with fans being able to find out any major problems with the system before it heads into the hands of millions of players worldwide. So far the main takeaways is that you don't have to win to earn LP - instead, a top four finish is all that's needed to get "winning" LP in the same sense that breaking open your opponents' Nexus in Summoner's Rift would net you a win and a boost up the ladder.

It's also been confirmed that Riot will be bringing new units and origins for those champions to the autobattlers first season, potentially once the hype around ranked has begun to fade away. The company doesn't want to release new champions - except for the just-dropped Twisted Fate - too early in the ranked queue's life.


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