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Twitch Plays is grinding ranked queue, and it's probably already better than you are

For as long as there have been turn-based strategy games, there has been inventors trying to figure out how to create an unbeatable computer to go with it. The most famous example will always be Deep Blue, the chess-whizz computer that was pitted head-to-head with grandmasters. Valve's DOTA 2 also regularly pits AI teams against their best player-helmed squads, as well as other AI teams, to figure out how to perfect the MOBA title.

Now, Twitch Plays - best known for grinding out Pokemon Red & Blue years ago through controls based in the streaming services chat - is taking that same element to a new level with ranked grinding in Teamfight Tactics. In bad news for most people, they're probably already higher than you.

After two days, Twitch Plays TFT has already reached Gold III. If TFT is anything like League of Legends, that means the chat-controlled hero on Twitch is already in the top 30-40 percent of competitively ranked players. Statistically, Twitch chat teaming together could beat nearly three quarters of all Teamfight Tactics players.

Creator TheDavenger on Reddit has also weighed in on Reddit to reveal that moderating the chat harshly for trolls has kept the game a lot cleaner than past Twitch Plays formats. The famous Pokemon run was mainly known for its chaotic approach to grinding through the title.

"Ideally, Twitch Plays gives full freedom to the users and part of the challenge becomes working against yourselves. This works fine in an environment such as Twitch Plays Pokemon were the most trolling someone can do is move the opposite direction or ditch a pokemon in a non-competitive and single-player environment," TheDavenger said.

"The problem with playing TFT is that any troll could easily just ruin each game for everyone else, making the whole stream pointless as there's no way to win. I'm fine with trolling such as selling 1 or 2 champs on the bench because you want to build towards a different comp, but if you don't make this obvious it's likely you'll be timed out.

"In terms of ban length, when I started the stream I was giving 10-minute bans to obvious trolls but I found that they'd end up just coming back after 10 minutes, so now I find it's better to be safe than sorry. I've also had one guy keep coming back with new accounts so I try and recognize and ban trolls early. I've added new rules to the chat rules to warn people as well."

You can check the progress up the leaderboards courtesy of The bot’s currently got a 17.2% win rate over its 93 games so far.

Right now more than 150 players are teaming together to get the account into the upper echelons of TFT history. Tune into the ongoing chat-controlled battle in TFT here:


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