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Riot implements new matchmaking changes for Teamfight Tactics ranked queue

Riot Games have confirmed they will be tweaking the way Teamfight Tactics creates new lobbies, with the publishers revealing it will soon be "extremely unlikely" for players queueing up for repeat games to be matched against the same opponents they have just won or lost against.

Riot's technical game designer Geoff Marsi announced that the change would be coming in the title's next update release, Patch 9.16, and would be based around ensuring the matchmaker doesn’t result in certain players being unfairly rewarded or punished based on who they play. The changes will also include new back-end matchmaking system tweaks to make it very unlikely for players to face the same opponent multiple times in a row.

"With the new system, it'll be extremely unlikely to be matched against the same player (or the ghost army) multiple times in a row," Marsi said on Twitter earlier today.

Teamfight Tactics is based around eight players duelling between themselves for the top spot over 30-40 minutes. When you face the same player multiple rounds in a row, it can often be catastrophic for one of the two players.

So too when you face them in consecutive matches, especially if you have differing play styles that can result in one player having the absolute advantage over the other. If you are a control-based player, and are getting run over by aggro-based players multiple bouts in a row, it can feel bad.

While a certain degree of randomness is inherent to a game like Teamfight Tactics, the change should hopefully prevent players from feeling unduly punished by the random selection of the same opponent multiple times.


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