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Just when you thought Yasuo couldn't get more toxic, he turns on his own team

Just when you thought the solo-queue nightmare Yasuo couldn't get any more troll, he turns his blade on his own teammates in Teamfight Tactics and leaves players scratching their heads about whether he's redeemable at all.

A bug in the game right now appears to be causing Yasuo to attack champions on his own side with the activated Steel Tempest ability. While it's pretty funny for the TFT version of Yasuo to back up the general thoughts people have on the Forgotten, the bug seems pretty annoying if you're actually trying to win a match.

Popular TFT streamer DisguisedToast was the first to discover the bug. While DisguisedToast's Yasuo attacked the enemy as appropriate, when he fired off his Steel Tempest it flew through the team and knocked up everyone in its path, ally and enemy alike.

This can have particularly problematic effects for win-focused Teamfight players. Yasuo is a super-powerful champion in the game, buffed up by his Exile origin that gives him massive shields if he's not placed near any allies at the start of any given bout. He's one of six Tier 5 heroes, and certainly a powerful pick in the late game.

Like said previously, while it's hilarious to see Yasuo - who is basically the poster child for toxicity in League of Legends and the wider gaming community - turn the blade on his own teammates, there will be many fingers crossed that this bug is patched out sooner rather than later.

It’s unclear exactly what set of circumstances might cause this particular issue, so players may simply have to hope it doesn’t happen to them until Riot implement a fix.


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