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For Honor's May Roadmap Brings Back Realistic Duels and Frenzy Tournament

Get ready to fight.

For Honor is Ubisoft's medieval fantasy action game that puts players against players as warriors. Whether armored to the teeth for heavy sluggish hits or light on their feet, each fighter features a unique fighting style to overcome others on the battlefield. With May upon us, Ubisoft just revealed what the company has coming up for the game during the month.

Alongside a new tournament taking place near the end of the month, For Honor players will be able to take part in the game mode Death by Metal and see the return of Extra Loot Fest and Extra XP Fest.

For Honor's May Roadmap

May 4

May 4 will see the beginning of the Death by Metal II event. Players will be able to take part in elimination matches against impersonators of real-life warriors. As such, they'll get to pick up the mantle of legendary warriors themselves as they fight for glory and rewards.

Grimsson the Deathless will return as well as part of the weekly Arcade Quest. Players will be tested against the lone warrior who just can't seem to die.

Both events conclude on the 11.

May 11

The Death by Metal III event kicks off as soon as the second ends.

Coinciding with the Death by Metal III event will be the Heirs of Virupaksa Arcade Quest. Here warriors will find Heirs they must defeat in order to advance to the next part of the quest.

Both will last through May 18.

May 12

Extra Loot Fest begins in For Honor. Those who take part will find additional loot when they successfully complete a duel or take part in a game mode of Arcade, Breach, Dominion, Brawl, and others. This event will end on the 15.

Year 7, Season 1, Campaign 5 will begin on May 12.

May 14

The HOH Dominion Tournament officially begins and will see players competing against one another to earn the top spot and rewards.

May 18

Realistic Duel returns. In this event, players forgo any additional aids when it comes to controls or prompts and instead fight by only using their reactions and skill.

Hero Fest Berserker will start and sees the hero Berserker gain twice the amount of experience when played.

The Heralds of Ragnarok event works similarly to the Heirs of Virupaksa Arcade Quest. Players must seek out NPCs to fight and defeat in order to collect new loot and gear.

Everything that begins on the 18 will end on the 25.

Image via Ubisoft

May 19

The Medic Challenge will last four days, ending on the 22. During the event, players will gain medic orders that involve reviving fallen teammates. Completing a specific amount of them will complete the challenge.

May 20

The Duel Frenzy Tournament is a new game type in For Honor. It's a one-versus-one duel mode tourney where players compete to earn a spot in eight qualifying matches. One player from each of the eight matches will then go on to enter the top 8 finals on June 4.

Image via Ubisoft

May 25

Hero Fest Orochi will see the hero earn double experience points in battle. In tandem with that event, another Extra XP Fest begins, as does the Arcade Quest The Giants of Hrimar. All of which will end on June 1.

May 26

The Ranked Warrior Challenge is the final event of the month. Players fight to earn the best rewards for their Faction by competing and completing Ranked matches. The RWC ends on May 29.

The end of the month will also see the results of the Faction War.

If you want to see For Honor stats, all you have to do is check out our official For Honor stat tracker. You'll find player leaderboards so you can follow along with who is number one in the coming events for May.


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