TRN WEEKLY: September 13, 2020

We got you covered with Destiny 2 Triumphs Checklist before the end of the season, and more updates to Brawlhalla, Rocket League, and Fortnite!

Destiny 2 Triumphs Checklist

With Bungie's support, we launched Season 12's Triumphs Vault Checklist! As some changes are coming to Triumphs in November. Various Triumphs and Seals will soon become unavailable. That's why we partnered with Bungie to provide you with a checklist to make sure you know what's missing for you to complete.

Search yourself on the checklist to get all the relevant data right away.

Brawlhalla Match History

We added match history to your profile! With information about your Legend, Rating, Kills, Damage, and XP. If you want your matches to be separated, you should leave the profile page open while playing for better tracking.

Check out this demo profile.

Rocket League State Leaderboards

Thanks to your requests, we are bringing back another feature from the original site. We now support State/City Leaderboards!

Check out this leaderboard from the Netherlands.

Fortnite Live Tracker App Update

This one is a little surprise. If you see this, we should tell you that our Fortnite app on PC received a little makeover. If you want, you can download it right here. We are still keeping this one quiet for now.

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