TRN WEEKLY: May 10, 2020

Some heavy features this week! Fortnite Live Match, and Warzone Battlepass & Weapons Stats!

Sometimes you can tell when exciting things are coming. We had a wonderful week with many great new features. Let's get to it!

Fortnite Live Match and Summary

That is an exciting one. We now support live match placements viewer for Events in Fortnite Tracker! And of course, you can later view the match recap.

For the live feature, once a player dies, they will appear on the roster with their placement and kills number. You can check out an example for the Duo match and Solo match. Enjoy, and good luck with the events!

Warzone Battlepass Database

One of the most requested features to our Modern Warfare & Warzone database is to be able to review the Battlepass. So now you got it! We support viewing of all database to date, and of course, we'll keep it updated in the future.

You can navigate between Battlepasses, show only the free content or everything, and even filter types of items. Get to the recent Battlepass here.

Warzone Weapons Stats

Another new addition to our Database is stats for weapons! As simple as that. Under the Weapons tab, you can now check stats of all weapons, alongside their available blueprints. Check it out!

R6 Tracker Settings and Changelog

We've improved our desktop app for Rainbow Six Siege with daily updates this week, and our previous update also introduced a Settings page and a Changelog popup. With the settings, we present the ability to change your window size to compact, as most of you requested. You can download the app here.

That's it for this week! Share with us your feedback, and let us know what you think. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get all the TRN news and announcements.


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3 months ago

@FB Mr. McLame unfortuantely not at this point.

3 months ago

Would it ever be possible to track how many kills you have with each gun in Fortnite?