Tracker Network Changelog May 2024

It's a busy month with content all over for Valorant, XDefiant, MultiVersus, R6 Siege, and more!

It was a busy month at Tracker Network, let's go through everything.


R6 Siege Tracker V2 Is Now Available

One of our top titles is getting an uplift. We took everything we know in the past years and gave it a lot of love.

We have a long and steady relationship with our strong R6 Siege community. We launched our R6 Tracker site many years ago. Since we are all used to something very specific, we want to get your feedback first before we make a full transition.

Here's what you can expect, with more to come soon:

  • Complete redesign
  • Huge speed upgrade
  • Match scoreboards for all matches (even console)
  • New stats

We'd love to hear what you think in our forums. We also shared the full changelog there. Here it is.

XDefiant Tracker Is Now Live

XDefiant is out of beta! So with that, our Tracker site is now available again with everything you need.

Leaderboards, new stats, your full player profile - all in one place.

Check out XDefiant Tracker

A New Limited Edition TRN Premium Avatar Frame Is Up For Grabs!

"Purrformance" is now available to new and existing TRN Premium members!

You loved the latest Limited Edition "Primed" and we are sure you are going to be obsessed with this one.

Claim your "Purrformance" avatar frame before it's too late! Get more info here.

New Valorant Insights Hub

We continue to roll new updates to Valorant Tracker. This month, our old insights and database hubs got together for a needed uplift.

Everything you need is now located in one place:

  • Agents
  • Maps
  • Weapons
  • Accuracy
  • Game population
  • All with filters, with Cosmetics coming soon.

Check it out here.

Everything Else Across Tracker Network:


  • [General] Made some fixes and improvements to some UI components
  • [General] Released new Premium Avatar Frame "Purrformance".
  • [R6 Siege] Launched Beta phase to the new site.
  • [XDefiant] Made fixes and improvements to support the game's official launch.
  • [Valorant] New Insights Page

Desktop Apps:

  • [Apex Legends] The "Solos" playlist is fully supported now.
  • [Apex Legends] The new legend Alter is fully supported now.
  • [Apex Legends] The settings page has been redesigned.
  • [Apex Legends] You can now sign in with your Tracker Network account. Use your Tracker Network account to activate your Premium membership benefits across all your Valorant accounts and more.
  • [R6 Siege] TEMPORARILY removed top attack/defence operator next to each player on the Live Match career stats page. This was removed due to an issue on Ubisoft's end.
  • [R6 Siege] Added "KPM" (Average Kills Per Match), and stats from last 4 seasons to the Live Match career stats page. Last 4 seasons includes stats from Ranked, Standard and Quick Match.
  • [Valorant] The app now supports customization of stats shown in the "Career" view on the live match page.
  • [Valorant] The app now supports customization of stats shown in the teammates widget on the agent select screen.
  • [Valorant] The app now shows the Act in which a player reached their peak rank in Competitive. Please note that a player must make their profile public on Tracker Network for their peak rank to appear in the app.
  • [Valorant] The app now provides a summary of three previous Acts in the "Previous Acts" view on the live match page: Competitive ranks as well as win % and the number of played matches in the currently played playlist. Please note that a player must make their profile public on Tracker Network for their stats to appear in the app.
  • [Valorant] Minor UI improvements on the live match page.
  • [Valorant] Minor UI improvements in the "Performance" view in match reports.
  • [Valorant] Minor fixes and improvements.

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