Rocket Arena Tracker Is Now Available!

Introducing Rocket Arena Tracker - your main hub for the game, partnered with Final Strike Games and EA.

Creating tools for the gaming community is our everyday passion. In a moment, you will understand why today’s announcement is unique. Without further ado, we are super excited to share some big news with you - the launch of Rocket Arena Tracker!

We have been working with Final Strike Games and EA in the past few months on a stats site for the Rocket Arena community!

What we love the most about this cooperation is that we originally heard from Final Strike Games that the Rocket Arena community wants Tracker Network to create a site for the game. We immediately jumped on that ship to provide the best experience for the Rocket Arena community.

When entering the site, you can search for your name, connect your account, and look at the top players in the game in the leaderboards.

Check it out:

Today is just the start! We are working with Final Strike Games to improve the experience over time, and you should expect more updates as we go, including more features and stats in the coming weeks and months.

Rocket Arena is a fast-paced 3v3 third-person shooter available on Windows (Origin and Steam), Playstation 4, and Xbox One. If you are an EA Play member, it’s available in the playlist too! We absolutely love this game.

We can’t wait to hear what you all think, so be sure to share your feedback with us here in the comments section or through Twitter. Let’s Rocket!


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5 months ago

Having same issue I can find my stats but it will not allow me to claim my stats I should be able to do so. You guys really have to get your stuff together it is 2021. You phone app for rocket league hasn't been updated since 2016 this is terrible. You take $3.00 a month for add free I still get adds in my over lay for RL. and your website for some reason can't find my origins account. and not being able to claim my profile here is concerning.

8 months ago

Did you play yesterday @JeanneOsecour?

8 months ago

I can't find my profile JeanneOsecour on origin.

8 months ago

@HPDubcraft what is your nickname? Do you want to talk to us on Twitter about this?

8 months ago

Hi - I just registered a new account on this wesbite & cponnected my Gamertag. I am trying to use the Rocket Arena tracker to view my stats, however, my gamertag does not show up when I search it. I also tried to sue the button "Sign in using Xbox Live" (even though i was already signed in), but it just keeps bringing me back to the search bar and nothing changes.

Am i doing something wrong??