COD Tracker 2.0 is now available!

This is for Soap.

Operators, listen up!

It’s a new day for COD Tracker. Fresh new design, upgraded navigation between Call of Duty games, better stats, and speed.

We have more coming soon, including an upgraded API, tracking more modes, performance tracking, and more. Expect more of everything in the near future.

Get your stats now:

We will be happy to get your feedback so we can learn more, and to make sure everything is in the right place.

The TRN team


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5 months ago

Cannot get my PS4 / cod and Warzone stats to work. All privacy is set to public and I have call of duty app which currently works and tracks my stats.

My buddy at work has no problem with Xbox. I keep getting (404 error -no one found) Please help.

5 months ago

Where is the LFG option for Modern Warfare?

6 months ago

@zZLickMyClipZz can you please contact us through ? It will help a lot.

6 months ago

Won't even let me register. Everytime I enter in a username to "register" it just says account does not exist

7 months ago


7 months ago

@RazerBlake, coming soon

@twitedN4tur3, fixed

7 months ago

Its broken keeps requiring sign in for xbox just loops

7 months ago

This is some really Great stuffs.. Really appriciate al the effort. Just to ask, how can i add the CODMW Stats live on my stream? is there any feature available yet?