Everything We Know So Far About Halo Infinite

With "Reach Level" Customization and Free-to-Play Multiplay Halo Infinite Is Shaping Up To Be Huge

Halo Infinite may have been delayed to Fall 2021, but that is not pausing any of the excitement that surrounds the 6th game of the Master Chief franchise. From new utilities to familiar faces there has been a lot showcased by 343 Industries so far and according to Joseph Staten they will be “sharing more about what we’re doing and, most importantly, why we’re doing it” soon.

As far as everything that has been released, here is what we know so far:

Release Date

So far we can count on Halo Infinite being released in Fall 2021.

Originally it was slated to drop last year during the holiday season of 2020 but due to the complexities of last year, 343 delayed the release to ensure the game fit with the vision of the studio.


Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is set to be free for everyone. This is huge considering that just earlier last month, Xbox dropped the requirement for players to have an Xbox Live Membership to play free-to-play games online. This means that it is entirely possible to play the next Halo expansion without spending a cent with Microsoft.

Halo Infinite will however be included with all of Xbox’s Game Pass subscriptions so if you are interested in playing the story but don’t want to shell out for the full game this will be an option as well.

Open World

In an interview with IGN, Studio Head Chris Lee and Associate Creative Director Paul Crocker went into expansive details of what to expect with the next campaign installment of Halo.

The biggest takeaway is the “Wide Open Ring”  Lee talked about in the interview. Though the next campaign will have a beginning, middle, and end, 343 has unlocked the ring to be free to explore with unlockable areas and objectives to complete across the map. This is a huge upgrade from previous games that always had a more linear style and approach to them.

Crocker also stated that some of these side objectives will be filled with moments for Master Chief to showcase his heroism and the hope he brings with him. Crocker goes on to state you will be able to go back and complete any missed opportunities if you do happen to fly by an objective on your first playthrough.

New Equipment

Halo is known for its combat and equipment, from the Magnum to the Gravity Lift each piece of Master Chief’s arsenal has left lasting impressions for the last 20 years.

With Halo Infinite we are set to receive five new weapons so far, though only two are coming from the Banished faction. I am still excited for the UNSC releases though the Pulse Carbine already sounds like it will be my new favorite weapon. Here is the full list from IGN below:

Ravager: A Banished three-round burst energy weapon that runs on plasma fuel.

Mangler: A Banished pistol with giant kinetic projectiles that fires more slowly than the UNSC pistol but deals more damage.

CQS48 Bulldog: New UNSC riot shotgun that replaces the classic shotgun.

VK78 Commando: This UNSC rifle can go full auto and is good for mid-long range.

Pulse Carbine: A familiar but not quite identical version of the classic Covenant carbine weapon.

And while this will be the first game where Master Chief will rock a grappling hook attachment there is no need to fear a multiplayer match of non-stop Spider-man Spartans. 343 has confirmed the grappling hook will be a pickup on the map and not a deployable piece of equipment.

Custom Fit

The biggest thing I felt Halo has been lacking since Halo Reach was customization. Advancing in Reach felt rewarding and satisfying as you could outfit your Spartan with different colors and accolades to showcase your achievements.

343 has begun teasing that they will be expanding upon the Reach levels of customization and will be going deeper than just the previous Helmet, Helmet Attachment, Chest Gear, Shoulder Pads (left and right), Knee Guards, Wrist Gear, and Utility options.

The best part about all of this is that we have already received word that unlockables will not be tied to any kind of loot box or random drop mechanic. This is probably the best piece of news we have received so far.  

What are you most excited for in Halo Infinite? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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