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Ubisoft Faces Indefinite Delay for XDefiant Preseason

When do you think it will actually be released?

In an unexpected turn of events, Ubisoft has announced an indefinite delay for the preseason of XDefiant, its upcoming free-to-play arena shooter. This announcement adds yet another setback to the game's troubled journey towards release.

The troubles for XDefiant began in September when Ubisoft was forced to postpone the cyberpunk-inspired multiplayer shooter, originally introduced as a surprising addition to the Tom Clancy franchise back in 2021. The reason cited for this delay was the failure of console quality control checks.

Game director Mark Rubin revealed the challenging situation in a blog update on September 11. "At the end of July, we started the compliance testing process, and we received our first results back by mid-August, which unfortunately showed a 'Not Pass,'" he explained. "There is, however, a scenario where we might receive a conditional Pass, which would necessitate a Day 1 patch with final fixes to meet compliance. If that's the case, our release date would be pushed to early/mid-October."

Unfortunately, even that revised release window is no longer feasible. Following public test sessions held from September 28 to 29, Ubisoft made the tough decision to delay XDefiant's planned six-week preseason. This preseason was expected to introduce new maps, weapons, and "faction" teams rooted in various Ubisoft universes, such as The Division.

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