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Valorant to release 6 new Agents each year

It sounds like new Valorant characters will be introduced much more frequently than expected.

When leakers discovered the potential timings of future Acts and Episodes, the Valorant community began to speculate what this may mean in regards to content.

Many felt that we wouldn’t see big additions like new Agents or maps until the beginning of Episode 2.

However, in a recent Dev Diaries update post, Valorant’s Executive Producer Anna Donlon revealed some exciting news.

Speaking openly about Riot’s planned schedule, Donlon explained that Episodes will comprise of 3 Acts, each lasting around 2 months. This much we knew, but not everyone had guessed quite how significant new Acts would be.

Donlon confirmed that Agents will release at the beginning of each Act, clarifying, “If your math skills are awesome, you’ve figured out that we’re targeting about 6 Agents a year”.

This is huge for both casual and competitive fans. With a new character arriving every couple of months, Valorant will be in a constant state of evolution.

Based on this information, we can expect to see a twelfth Agent unveiled in early August with the launch of Act 2. Donlon also teased that a new game mode is on the way before the beginning of Episode 2.


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