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Valorant community reacts to Sova gameplay teaser

The latest in a series of brief Valorant Agent teaser videos focuses on Sova. In the footage we got to take a closer look at some of the Russian’s unique abilities.

Whilst some people are complaining that one short character reveal video per week is not quenching their thirst for Valorant content, it’s still exciting to get to see certain abilities in action.

Sova is an agent who relies on efficiency and precision to hunt down and eliminate enemies. His abilities centre around recon rather than brute strength, making him the perfect match for someone who prefers a slower playstyle.

The teaser footage showcased Sova’s Owl Drone, a pilotable drone than can reveal enemy positions by hitting them with a special dart. Fans noticed that the drone gameplay was kind of slow, but imagined that once people become a bit more efficient with it, this could be a very handy ability.

More controversial, was Sova’s signature ability, the Recon Bolt. Firing this bolt will deploy a sonar emitter which will tag up and revel nearby enemies. Some were quick to label this as overpowered, comparing it to a wallhack. However, others pointed out that the bolt will only mark players in its line of sight, and can easily be destroyed.

All in all, it seems like Sova is probably quite well balanced. The slightly reduced slaying power make up for the strong recon capabilities, and if you like to snipe, he may be your guy.


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