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Profiles Are Now Updated

A ton of updates to your profile! Sign in today with your Riot account to sync your stats.

We have released a massive update to your Valorant Tracker profile! Let's see what's new:


We are now showing your body/headshot hit accuracy for the last 20 matches and overview stats of your top weapons, including full-body accuracy for each.

Playlist View

On the main page of your profile, and on the other pages (Agents, Maps, Weapons), you can now find this Playlist dropdown. If you've played a particular playlist, we will show you the data on the page related to that playlist.

Weapons Page

If you played with a specific weapon, we would show you all your stats with it on the dedicated page "Weapons". Your most used weapon will be highlighted, and you will find different stats on each weapon such as kills, Headshots % Damage/Round, and more.

The site is still in Beta, though. The Riot's API is still in development, and as a result, the data available is currently limited to your last ten matches. We are working on providing more data, and we hope to provide more information this week. Right now, we will show you your competitive overview based on the matches we have processed. Get our desktop app to access your entire match history and more!

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5 months ago

ah yeah i am @RoDex, what's the difference in using Overwolf vs just signing in? im signing in aswell, but no difference. whatever it is, you guys are doing a great job!

5 months ago

@triggyrd, I think it's because you are using the Overwolf app. We are working on making it available properly for Overwolf users too.

5 months ago

I do not see my accuracy or kills with certain guns. I see them on other profiles tho. triggyrd#love