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Loads more cheaters just got banned from Valorant

A fresh wave of cheaters have been banned from Valorant, there is nowhere to hide!

Just over a week ago, news broke that the Valorant anti-cheat team had successfully removed 8873 cheaters from the game. The community were pleased to hear of this, but also concerned that some of the bans may have been unjust.

The controversial Vanguard anti-cheat software has a habit for aggressively banning players, and some people have even been punished for using legal macros whilst playing on a different game. However, there is no doubt that many of these accounts are indeed breaking the rules.

On Monday, Phillip Koskinas, who works on the anti-cheat team for Valorant, reported 1600 further bans. In what seems to be an exciting new tradition, Koskinas relayed the information in another weird and wonderful Twitter post.

To try and reduce repeat offences, Valorant are using “Soulbans”. This means that if you are caught cheating, all past, present and future accounts will be suspended. At the moment this is game specific, but it is possible that in the future it could block your whole Riot Games account.

Whilst it is concerning to see so many bad eggs when we are still only in the closed beta stage, the way that Riot are handling the situation is inspiring. Hopefully the numbers of bans necessary will decrease in the future, and the accuracy of which accounts are targeted is improved.


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