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Intergrade Skin Bundle: Preview, Price, Release Date and More

Everything we know about Intergrade Skin Bundle

VALORANT will be getting a brand-new bundle. The bundle that is themed around tech will be coming to VALORANT soon. Here's all we know about Intergrade Bundle.

Intergrade Bundle Preview

Intergrade Bundle will include skins for a bunch of weapons, but it will not feature special effects or variations as far as we know. It includes a Specter skin, an Operator skin, a Guardian skin, a Classic skin and a melee.

Intergrade Bundle Price

The price of the upcoming Intergrade Bundle is expected to be around 3,500 VP, it includes four gun skins, a melee skin, two gun buddies, spray and a player card. It is an Select Edition bundle.

  • Intergrade Melee: 1,750 VP
  • Intergrade Guardian: 875 VP
  • Intergrade Operator: 875 VP
  • Intergrade Specter: 875 VP
  • Intergrade Classic: 875 VP

Intergrade Release Date

Intergrade Bundle should be released soon, it is speculated it would release in September, 21. But nothing is official at the time of writing.

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