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How to jump higher in Valorant

This clever new method of jumping will let you access spots which were previously out of reach.

Staying on top of all the latest strategies is important if you want to be the best you can be at any game. In Valorant, this may mean keeping up to date with the current agent and weapon meta, or even learning a new mechanical trick.

Reddit user u/kratzk0pp (@yamii411 on Twitter), recently shared a way to jump on to places that would usually be too high. They posted two separate tutorial videos, which we will look at in order.

I discovered how you can jump higher and it's more useful than you think from r/VALORANT

Firstly, Yami demonstrated how to perform the jump. The technique involves a crouch jump which is different from anything you will have seen in CS:GO.

Step 1: Use the small ridge on the ground to gain an extra bit of elevation

Step 2: Jump and hold crouch as you move towards your destination

Step 3: Release crouch as soon as you collide with the object

The third step is what makes this method unique, and is important as this is what boosts you up onto the object.

In the second video, Yami shows how you can push this idea even further. With the help of one of your teammates, you will be able to reach higher vantage points.

I found a very useful trick to get on top of boxes which are normally too high from r/VALORANT

All your teammate has to do is crouch next to the object that you want to mount. You can then use the trick described above to jump onto their head and boost up onto your destination.

I strongly recommend watching both videos all the way through as they provide plenty of examples of places to try this strategy (including with Sage walls). It can be great for agents who don’t have boost abilities, or even if you are playing as someone like Jett or Raze and want to save your abilities.

Riot may potentially patch this new jumping method in the future so make the most of it while you can!


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