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Riot Games Reveals the New League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Game Mode

The 2v2v2v2 mode for League of Legends is soon to arrive!

Outside the constant bloodshed and slaughter inside the Summoner’s Rift, there are other game modes with a vast range of mechanics at your disposal. Among them are One For All, Nexus Blitz, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF), and more. Now, get ready to hop into a new one coming this 2023.

Riot Brightmoon and Meddler discussed the upcoming League of Legends game mode, and was followed by a recently published dev blog about the state of game modes for Season 13. It showcases the 2v2v2v2 mode, featuring a quick, action-packed battle with four two-man teams vying for the win. Here is all the information you need to know including the updated gameplay mechanics, features, anticipated release date, and more.

League of Legends' 2v2v2v2 Game Mode

Riot games unveils the new 2v2v2v2 game mode featuring numerous rounds of combat between four teams of two players apiece. As of writing, there’s no official title or codename for the game mode yet.

Farming for items, levels and special abilities or Augments in between rounds will be crucial to a champion's advancement. 2v2v2v2 also saves the players from keeping themselves in a long tedious game, as once a team suffers enough defeats, they will be terminated and will be able to queue up for another match immediately. Some of us might be reminded of this by its inspiration, the Double Up mode from Teamfight Tactic.

What are Augments in the 2v2v2v2 Game Mode

Augments is a new feature in 2v2v2 allowing players to gain access to power-ups with the aim of advancing and diversifying combat situations by creating varieties in the capabilities of champions.

Augments; League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Game Mode
Augments (Image via Riot Games)

During playtests, developers have observed Sylas casting Lissandra’s Ring of Frost (W) every 5 seconds, Ekko with an insane 500 attack range, and a Kai’sa who dives to the opposing side and die, setting off an explosion that injures her opponents. These are merely a glimpse of what’s coming and surely, there will be more to come once it’s here.

When is the release date of 2v2v2v2 game mode in League of Legends?

The new League of Legends 2v2v2v2 game mode has not yet received an official release date.

There isn't much information available yet on the new game mode as it is still under development. However, the developers went on to note that it would arrive in the summer of 2023 in an experimental state before the official launch on the live servers. Also, for a brief period of time, the new game mode will be played on a new map, according to Riot Maxwell.


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