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Get New Twitch Drops For Bloodhunt This Month

Earn them while you still can.

Vampire the Masquerade, and most of the World of Darkness IPs, had a great run over the last few years. One of the games that released as a result of this resurgence was VTM: Bloodhunt, pinning different vampire clans against one another in an unruly and chaotic battle royale.

Via their Twitter, it was just announced that new Twitch drops will be available starting today, April 14, through April 28. By watching your favorite Bloodhunt streamers, you'll get a chance to earn the following:

  • Noxious Fumes - Epic - Mask
  • Mark of Solution - Rare - Tattoo
  • Rough Patch - Epic - Mask
  • Cartel King - Legendary - Outfit
  • Blow Raspberry - Uncommon - Emote
  • Conundrum - Rare - Tattoo
Image via Official Bloodhunt Twitter

Alongside these six awesome vanities, you can also get three classic drops in these bundles including the Milk outfit, the Pineapple Power outfit, and the Swift Vision mask.

How to Earn the Bloodhunt Twitch Drops

To earn the classic drops, you will need to watch an hour and half of participating channels. To earn the more rare drops, tou will need to watch an additional hour for each one, making it a total of seven and a half hours watched total if you want to grab everything.

After that, you will be able to head over to the Drops Inventory section of your Twitch account and redeem your rewards. It's also important to know that rewards can only be earned on one stream at a time.

Check out all of the Bloodhunt stats and leaderboards over on our official Tracker Network Bloodhunt page.

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