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All You Need to Know About VCT Team Skins: Capsules, Player Cards and More

We waited so long for VCT team skins!

Riot Games revealed that VCT team cosmetics will hit VALORANT eventually, and the time is here. VALORANT now has team-specific capsules that include in-game goodies from your favorite teams. Here is all we know about VCT Capsules and how to get them.

How to get VCT team skins in VALORANT

To get the VCT team capsules players need to do the following:

  • Head to the Esports Hub tab, located at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Teams section.
  • Tab over to the team whose capsule you want to purchase and click on them.
  • Preview what you get with the capsule and press buy.

VCT Capsules Preview

VCT Americas


VCT Pacific

Gun Skins Preview

Each VCT team Capsule will feature a Classic and AR Inspect skins with unique firing audio and recolored muzzle flash, a custom Player Card, co-created with each team, and an exclusive Buddy and Spray set.

Capsules for VCT Americas, Pacific, and EMEA launch on February 21, while cosmetics for the teams in VCT China will enter the shop after VCT Masters Madrid in May.

Costs vary by region.

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