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Upcoming Changes To Ranked 2.0

Ranked 2.0 Findings and the Plan Moving Forward

At the beginning of this season, Ubisoft introduced their rework to Ranked, "Ranked 2.0". It's been a controversial change, some players love the new system, some feel as if players are achieving higher ranks than they deserve. If you need to remind yourself of the changes that came with Ranked 2.0, you can refer to Ubisoft's article here.

Ubisoft has just shared their findings for Ranked 2.0, and their thoughts going forward.

Ranked Player's Population

Since the launch of Ranked 2.0, it's reported that the Ranked players' population has increased very slightly. Not sure how helpful that statistic is when the graph below shows an upwards trend across past seasons anyway. At least we know the new Ranked system hasn't been unpopular.

Ubisoft also shared the global playtime spent between Ranked and Quickmatch since the launch of Ranked 2.0. We can see that on average, 51.4% of matches are now ranked games, that's up from 39%.

Matchmaking Fairness

The number of matches which ended in 4 or 5 rounds reduced, meaning matches have been more even for all.

Future Plans

Overall, Ubisoft is happy with the results of the new Ranked system, however, the ranked ladder experience will be tweaked.

Ranked Distribution

Typically, players have been reaching a rank equal to their hidden skill near the middle of the season. Those that continue playing past that point achieve a maximum of 1 or 2 divisions above their skill level, apparently. Ubi claims fewer than 0.05% of players have been reaching higher than those 2 extra divisions.

Champions' Distribution

As we've reported ourselves, the number of players achieving the highest rank (Champions) this season is way higher than ever. We captured this data one month after Ranked 2.0 went live. We'll update that data once Operation Solar Raid concludes.

Ubisoft mentioned that hitting the top rank should feel like an accomplishment, they'll be working on a way to make it more challenging. More news on that will be shared in roughly 2 months.

Progression Changes

Whilst climbing through the ranks from Copper V, the progression is very linear, players far away from their hidden skill have been earning +80RP and -9RP for a loss. These values start to level out once a player is close to their real Rank.

What's changing then? Ubi said the progression will become less-linear as they climb through the ranks. A champion player will start to earn fewer Ranked Points climbing through Emerald than they would be climbing through Gold and Platinum for example.

Further changes may come, Ubi are monitoring stats and feedback, let 'em know you want to see your hidden MMR!

Operation Commanding Force begins tomorrow at 15:00 UTC, make sure you've updated your R6 Tracker profiles on our site once you've finished playing for this season. You could lose some of your stats if you don't!

Important Reminder To Avoid Data Loss
Please read carefully to avoid any data loss on your stats profile.


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