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Rainbow Six Tracker 3.0 is now Available

Our biggest update yet! Map stats, operator stats, weapon stats, round history, rivals, advanced match scoreboard and so much more!

We've rebuilt our PC Overwolf app from scratch and added so many new features you've never seen before, anywhere.

We're extremely excited to show everything off to you, there are even more features coming soon!

Here's the change log for update 3.0:

  • Complete rebuild of the entire app, updated design to allow for all the new features and improvements.
  • Operator stats - We've created a new way to track your operator stats! Our new method allows you to see all the stats you could before, check your top operators per map, and compare your operator stats on a win% graph. We have additional operator stats coming soon too! We're still hoping Ubisoft fix operator stats on their end, however, we think this is a great solution for now.
  • Map stats - Compare your stats on every map per game mode. Check your round win% on attack and defence for each map. You can also filter by match win%, K/D, opening K/D, average time alive and headshot%.
  • Weapons, gadgets & equipment stats - We can now track every way you can get a kill or death. See stats per weapon, or how many Sledge hammer kills you've got, we've got it all, even flashbang kills!
  • Rivals - Track your stats against the enemies or teammates you encounter the most. See how many matches you've played against or with X player and compare your win%, K/D, best & worst maps.
  • Live match - Added a live advanced match scoreboard, check each player's K/D, Entry, KPR, SRV, Plants, HS% (additional stats coming soon).
  • Live match - Added a round timeline. Check deaths, number of kills and headshots each round, live.
  • Highlights - If you wish, you can automatically clip kills, deaths & knockouts each round. All your clips can be viewed within the app, you no longer have to tab out mid-game to replay that nasty clutch!
  • Match history - Added in-depth round history stats. Check exactly what happened each round; how you killed each enemy, whether those kills were wallbangs or headshots for example, number of kills in the first 30 seconds, when defuser went down and so forth. Please note this feature is coming soon and is not included in the first update.
  • Match history - Added an in-depth summary. The summary includes kills, deaths, headshot%, wins, losses, MVPs, MMR gained (more stats on the way too!)
  • Match history - Added MMR gained (ranked only) and headshot% per match.
  • Match history - Added advanced scoreboard.
  • Match history - Added filter per game mode.
  • Match history - Added support for T-Hunt.
  • Player lookup - Added daily stats per game mode. Quickly see if a "certain player" is on a 20-game win streak with a 10 K/D. All viewable within the app now, no need to go to the site.
  • Settings - Added further customisation. Choose which options and windows you want to see, and which ones you don't.
  • Reliability - Increased stability and added multiple fall-backs.
  • More features coming very soon - The amount of data we can track has increased tremendously, if you have any ideas for a new feature or any improvements, make sure to let us know via our discord or forum. We'll be happy to hear them!
  • Bugs - We're fixed so many bugs, not going to bore you with listing them all. Please remember that we've added so many new features, please be patient if you encounter any new bugs. Reporting bugs can be done here, we want them squashed, let us know if you find any!

If you don't have the app already, you can get it here. If you already have the app, the update is being rolled out slowly, it could take a few days to reach you! Please stay patient, it'll get to you! Note, all of these features are free of charge, we're not pay-walling anything!

We would LOVE to hear what you think about Update 3.0. Feel free to comment below, or follow us so we can chat on the R6 Tracker Twitter or Instagram. You'll get notified of app updates on these socials too!

Here's a small preview of what the new app looks like!

Live match: Stats for all your teammates and opponents
Live match: Advanced live scoreboard and round timeline
Operator stats
Map stats
Weapons stats: Every weapon, gadget and equipment kills tracked
Match history: See a summary of all your matches, open up any match for more details
Highlights: Automatically capture your best moments in each match (optional)


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