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Overwatch Director Reflects on the Future of the Game

From Titan, to Overwatch, to something much more.

It has been an emotional week for the Overwatch community as rumors circulated about the cancellation of the highly anticipated PvE content in Overwatch 2. To clear the air, Jeff Kaplan, the director of Overwatch, addressed the concerns and provided insight into the team's plans.

When Overwatch 2 was revealed in 2019, the focus was on the gameplay that originally brought players to the game and given it its popularity. The PvE content consisted of Story Missions, offering co-op gameplay and expanding the Overwatch universe's narrative, and Hero Missions, an exciting concept that allowed players to upgrade heroes through talent trees.

However, the team has decided not to proceed with Hero Missions. This decision came after realizing that the original vision for a sprawling PvE experience was proving challenging to execute. Despite their best efforts, the team struggled to bring all the elements together into a polished and cohesive gameplay experience.

The cancellation of Hero Missions was a difficult choice that disappointed both players and the passionate Overwatch team, who had invested years of work and emotion into the project. However, the team remains dedicated to delivering an ever-evolving experience in Overwatch 2.

Jeff Kaplan also shed light on the development process and acknowledged that the team had initially focused on future plans for Overwatch 2, potentially overshadowing the success of the original game. As they refined their vision and faced the challenge of fitting all their ambitions into a cohesive plan, they realized it was not feasible to divert resources from the live game to fulfill the original vision. Consequently, the decision was made to shift focus and move forward with new directions.

Despite the setbacks, the Overwatch team is committed to bringing exciting elements to Overwatch 2, including Story Missions, co-op content, and new narratives that expand the Overwatch universe. They apologize for any disappointment caused and are eager for players to experience what they have been tirelessly working on.

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