Tracker Network Changelog April 2024

More updates to Valorant, Fortnite, R6 Siege, and some XDefiant action with this month's testing session.

While we are preparing to release some bigger updates in the coming weeks, we are happy to share more things we released this month across the entire network.


  • [General] Made some fixes and improvements to some UI components.
  • [Overwatch 2] Fixed some issues with the Leaderboards.
  • [Valorant] Added "Best Map" in the top agents box.
  • [Valorant Premier] Fixed an issue with Teams with identical names have incorrect leaderboard placements/stats.
  • [R6 Siege] We added the "Played-With" feature back.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed an issue that caused the Events Tab to be private on some profiles.
  • [Fortnite] Overall improvements and fixes all around.
  • [XDefiant] Added Lifetime Overview Section.
  • [XDefiant] Added "Losses" to Modes Section.
  • [XDefiant] Added "Score" to Match Rows.

Mobile App:

  • [XP] Reward Packs are now live. Testing Valorant rewards for USA users at the moment.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed a bug that closed the app upon navigation out of a completed tournament matches.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed a bug that disabled the ability to click on players on a tournament match page.

Desktop Apps:

  • [Valorant] Redesigned the settings page.
  • [Valorant] You can now sign in with your Tracker Network account. Use your Tracker Network account to activate your Premium membership benefits across all your Valorant accounts and more.
  • [Valorant] Fixed an issue when the app failed to get some live match data for some users.
  • [Valorant] The app now allows to change the monitor used to display second screen features. Check the new "Second Screen" section in the app settings to modify your preferences.
  • [Valorant] Minor improvements and additions in "General" and "Troubleshooting" sections in the app settings.
  • [Valorant] Various fixes for game patch 8.07.
  • [Fortnite] Fixed an issue where the app identified incorrect rarity of Uncommon and Exotic items.
  • [Fortnite] The database has been updated to support new weapons and consumable items.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the app window became completely irresponsive in some cases.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the same player appeared on the Live Match page twice while playing Arcade.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the live match data disappeared between matches on the second screen window.
  • [R6 Siege] The app now properly detects kills and deaths caused by the "Cluster Charge" gadget.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the app failed to detect the local player's team and track clutches.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue which prevented video highlights from the final round saving.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the playlist selector became blank in some cases.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the app displayed "Loading Stats..." indefinitely on the live match page in some cases.
  • [Apex Legends] "April Fools" playlists are fully supported now (includes Trios, Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control).
  • [Apex Legends] The "Three Strikes" playlist is fully supported now.
  • [CS2] Updated the app's welcome screen for new users.
  • [Destiny 2] Updated the app's welcome screen for new users.
  • [League of Legends] Updated the app's welcome screen for new users.
  • [League of Legends] Various improvements and fixes to make the app faster and better.

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3 weeks ago

Would we have the stats for the new weapons, maps and vehicules of season 7 ?


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