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New Omen TP Bug Allows Him to Get an Insane Off-Angle Above Lamps and Cam on Sunset

It's probably best to check these spots when fighting against Omen.

With the recent addition of Sunset to Valorant's active map pool, players have wasted no time brainstorming tactics to gain an edge in each round. From recon, molly and smoke lineups, you can expect that most players will enter this map equipped with these. Some Omen players and bug catchers though, have found themselves a new off-angle to exploit on Valorant's newest map, Sunset that may seem unfair to their opponents.

Omen’s abilities include Paranoia that blinds and deafens enemies, a dark spherical smoke, and two teleport abilities. Combining them, the mysterious controller can use it to pull off sneaky plays that are sure to deceive his opponents. With Shrouded Step, he can also place himself on top of crates, boxes and other elevated spots to create an off-angle. However, some players have taken it a step further by using his tp to reach unexpected and unconventional spots on Sunset.

TPAXTOP, a Youtuber and Valorant Content Creator with a knack for uncovering bugs and glitches has discovered a new tech that allows Omen to stand on the surveillance camera on the map, Sunset. Additionally, there are other spots as well where players can use this technique.

A Site

Stand on the green crate, line up your crosshair, and use Shrouded Step to teleport onto the surveillance camera. This spot is high enough that most players may not expect you to be there and can take them by surprise. From up there, you can spot opponents from CT (Alley), A link and A main.

Defenders can access this spot before the round begins as it is accessible during buy phases.


Interestingly, the same tech also applies to several lamps you can find across the map.


Mid Courtyard

Mid Top

B lobby

B lobby

CT Spawn

There are other locations as well where you can do this trick such as the ones on the Attacker spawn. Meanwhile, it is impossible to teleport onto lamps located on mid tiles, mid top and mid bottom. This glitch though, cannot be reproduced on other maps where you can find lamps such as Ascent and Bind.

While this is a perfect way to catch and take down opponents, this appears to be a bug that is expected to be patched soon like the recent Jett glitch on Breeze. Enemies may check every corner, or the top of each crate expecting an enemy, but they're unlikely to bother inspecting these spots, which makes this trick pretty overpowered.

It is also worth mentioning that this isn't the first time where Omen's Shrouded Step has caused some issues. Previously, players have witnessed several Omen TP glitches on some maps such as A Pipes on Icebox, Attacker Spawn on Ascent and also sometimes combined with Sage's Barrier Orb, although those tricks don't work anymore.

As of Valorant Patch 7.05, this TP bug still works and it's currently unclear when or if Riot has already recognized it for a potential fix.

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