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Valorant: Every Wallbang Spot on Ascent

Time to bring an Odin!

Ascent is one of the first maps to exist and still belongs to the active map pool in Valorant. It is well-known that Ascent features numerous walls that may seem to be as thin as a paper due to how easy it is to damage an opponent through guns. These walls can be cleverly exploited to secure easy kills while minimizing your exposure to risk through wallbanging.

Wallbanging entails shooting at an enemy or ability through a wall without entirely seeing them. Doing this with heavy-penetration guns such as Odin, Ares and Guardian is rather effective against an enemy hiding behind crates and thin walls.

Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of walls in Ascent where bullets can pass through. This often explains why most of the Sova players bring an Odin in this map. And if you’re one of those players who like to annoy enemies by gunning them down through a wall, then this guide is for you.

Here’s every wallbang spot you can find in Ascent, and the weapons you should use for each.

A Heaven

Due to this wall being thin, it only makes sense that this wall is penetrable by bullets. With this wall, players can score kills or at least deal some damage to enemies with the help of enemy-revealing abilities, whether they are positioned in A heaven or on the site.

Weapons: All weapons

A Heaven to Hell

Similar to the thin wall in A heaven, the wooden floor is also thin enough to eliminate enemies hiding in hell or A heaven if you opt to shoot through it. Most of the time, it guarantees a kill as players often take cover in hell.  

Weapons: All

A Heaven Secret wallbang

Surprisingly, there is one wallbangable spot in A heaven that most players are not aware of. Players can also spam through this wall to eliminate enemies, which will become easier when done with a Sova recon bolt or Fade’s haunt.

Weapons: all

A Tree

The wall between tree and garden can also be penetrated using heavy penetration weapons. So, upon spotting an enemy hiding behind the wall, you can simply shoot at them in hopes of killing them or at least pushing them out of that corner.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

A Hell

Players who are trying to punish enemies hiding behind this wall can also use this wall to kill enemy players without having the need to check them.

Weapons: All weapons

A Gelato

The chances of getting kills by spamming through this wall may be slim, but it is still possible to deal some damage by wallbanging.

Weapons: All weapons

A Switch

Using heavy weapons such as Sheriff, players, especially defenders can shoot through this wall right beside the switch to quickly get rid of the player using the switch, or players taking cover behind it. Additionally, players can also shoot the left side in hopes of preventing a spike plant or defuse.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

Defenders spawn

The wall separating the CT spawn and mid pizza has to be one of the most paper-thin walls in Ascent. Any type of weapons can be used to wallbang this part, perfect against enemies trying to push mid.

Weapons: All weapons


The entire wall surprisingly is just as thin as all of these walls as players can use even a Vandal or Spectre to try to eliminate enemies without directly seeing them.

Weapons: All weapons

From either mid-link, b lobby, mid or cubby, defenders and attackers can shoot through this wall through any weapon in hopes of dishing out a bit of damage or scoring a kill through a wallbang. However, the destructible panel of the wall must be destroyed first in order for the bullets to pass through.

Weapons: All weapons

There is another secret wallbang spot to use, found in Mid tiles. Stand on this spot, and shoot through the door to quickly kill a defender trying to peek from B.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

B main

It's true that it's a common experience for many players to either fall victim to or witness someone getting shot by a Sova player using an Odin through this particular wall. What adds to the frustration is that it significantly complicates the process of gaining control over the entire B main when there is someone continuously firing through it with any LMG.

Weapons: All weapons

B Market

In A Ascent, it is normal to see defenders positioned in B Market. And if you see one, you can have the chance to take them out using weapons like the Sheriff. For Defenders, they can use this as an avenue to use an LMG or any heavy penetration weapons to kill enemies that might push towards B through lane.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

B Shed

The Shed in B site is one of the most common wallbang spots in Ascent. Its walls are thin enough so you can shoot at players using the switch, or during post-plant situations.

Weapons: All weapons

B Boathouse

This spot inside B site is a common spot where defenders and attackers hide. There are instances as well where a Killjoy will place Lockdown on that spot, to deter the enemies from pushing. However, if you have any heavy penetration weapon such as Sheriff and Odin, you can just spam directly on this wall to deal damage.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

B Lane

This wall that stands adjacent to the Shed can also be used to get multiple kills as a defender, by continuously shooting at this wall as attackers rush towards B through B Lane. Attackers can also fire through this wall to get rid of enemies that may be hiding in the corner.

Weapons: Heavy-penetration weapons (Sheriff, Guardian, Ares, Odin, Operator)

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