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Important Information Regarding Your R6 Stats Profile

Please read carefully to avoid any data loss on your stats profile.

TLDR: Make sure you refresh all your R6 profiles on our site just before the new season drops (or after you finish playing for the season). If you don't, some data could get lost. Make sure you tell your friends to update all of their profiles too.

If you need a reminder to update your profile, turn on notifications for our Twitter account, or join our Discord. If you want to learn more, feel free to read further.

Why is there concern for data loss?

Behind the scenes, Ubisoft has switched over to a new API (Ubisoft APIs provide us with your profile stats). We're using this new API to get your Operation Brutal Swarm stats. The new API does not allow us to check previous season stats, only the current season. Once Brutal Swarm ends, we won't be able to refresh your Brutal Swarm stats anymore.

From now on, you'll have to refresh your profile at the end of every season. We'll continue to provide reminders through our Twitter, Discord and mobile app.

What happens to our site once Operation Solar Raid goes live?

There is still some uncertainty when it comes to cross-play/progression. We ask for your patience when the new season arrives, it'll take us longer to update the site than usual.

Unfortunately, with Ranked 2.0, we won't be able to display your hidden MMR. We're looking at alternate ways to display player skill values. We don't have a perfect solution at the moment. We can use a player's previous seasonal data to make predictions, however, this isn't a long-term solution, nor is it suitable for new players that have no historical data. We'll see what we can do, and update you all.


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