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PUBG Patch 23.2 Adds Teammate Revive and Long Awaited Clan System

Only together can you win it all.

With plenty of teases from the PUBG development team, a new Clan system is finally here. The latest Patch 23.2 provided plenty of details on the added system alongside many other features for the battle royale game. Players will also be able to revive their teammates and a new vehicle locator can be found on the map.

Those are the biggest announcement from Patch 23.2. Let's get into what it all means and what else you can expect to find when you dive into PUBG after Patch 23.2.

What is the PUBG Clan System?

Image via KRAFTON

The new Clan feature adds clans to the mix by allowing players to create and join clans. Clans are groups of up to 100 PUBG players where everyone part of the Clan gains benefits and rewards all in an effort to level up the Clan. Clans can participate in Normal Match, Ranked, and Casual Match types.

It'll cost 15,000 BP to create a clan and only players with the Plus Status are able to do so. The creator gains the title of Clan Master and can invite new members to join. Each new member gains the title of General Member unless otherwise updated by the Clan Master or Manger.

Players can join Clans in a number of ways but must first complete PUBG's tutorials. After that is complete, a player can request to join a Clan or be invited by any member.

One of the benefits of joining a Clan is to increase its level. Clans can level up to level 20 and do so by earning XP through playing PUBG. Experience is earned by joining solo matches or playing alongside Clan members. However, players will gain double XP as long as they are in a game playing with members of their Clan. The catch is, players must complete a match as required by the rules and guidelines to ensure they obtain all the experience. This includes spectating their fellow Clan members after they die.

What is the PUBG Recall System?

Image via KRAFTON

The PUBG Recall feature allows players to revive their fallen teammates after they die. In the past, once a player died, they were left to spectate the action until their team won or ultimately died as well. Now, players can revive their dead teammates by using the Recall system to bring them back once per phase during matches.

When a player dies, they'll drop a Blue Chip from the deathbox that needs to be collected by a living team member. Once it's picked up, the player must bring it to a Blue Chip Tower found throughout the map. These towers call a respawn plane once per phase where revived players can drop in again to join back in the action. Activating the chip takes 10 seconds, giving enemy players time to kill anyone attempting to revive a fallen teammate.

Image via KRAFTON

Another way to revive dead players is to use the Blue Chip Transmitter item. The gadget fills an inventory slot and is usable by a player to revive fallen players like the Blue Chip Tower. The transmitter recalls teammates anytime, anywhere as long as you have Blue Chips in your inventory. It also takes 10 seconds to use and will vanish once the timer completes.

Dead teammates will board the respawn plane and drop into the match at the start of the next phase. A few things you should note are taht recalling is not possible if your entire team is killed. Another is players can only be revived during phaes two through seven and they can only be brought back a total of six times. The feature is not included in the Custom Match or Esports Mode and it is only available on Erangel, Miramar, and Deston.

Vehicles and Downed Teammates

Image via KRAFTON

Two additional features both involve vehicles found in PUBG. Players are able to pick up downed team members and place them in a vehicle. This allows them to get to a safer area where they can pick them up without enemy interference. Once a safe spot has been found, you can pick up the teammate to fight again. On top of that, an update to Down But Not Out has been implemented as well.

Players will notice a decreased rate of automatic HP loss while remaining stationary when in DBNO. This allows them to decide on whether or not they hold position or move if they're under fire.

The second addon now places car icons on the map. Once you enter a vehicle, you'll be able to keep track of its location if you jump out. Upon exiting a vehicle, an icon will appear on the map showing the last location you left the vehicle. It's a simple addition but really makes finding where you parked much easier.

Of course, there is plenty more in the full patch notes for PUBG, but these are the largest add-ons for the game. If you're interested in learning about player count and leaderboards for PUBG, head to our official PUBG stat tracker for all the details.


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