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Invited teams announced for Dreamhack Open Fall

As Dreamhack's Open Fall nears, we have information on the top 20 teams moving to the next stage

Like many other tournament organizers, Dreamhack has shifted their entire ecosystem to the electronic realm. As such, the Open Fall will be conducted online

Today, Dreamhack revealed the final lineup for the event. 11 teams have been invited to the Main Event while 9 additional teams will get the opportunity to fight their way through Closed Qualifiers

The following teams received outright invites:

These teams were just shy of top 11, but will still be able to fight their way to the next stage via Closed Qualifiers:

Metrics for invites

Dreamhack didn't select teams at random to compete in their $115,000 tournament. As many TO's have shifted towards, Dreamhack adopted the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) system to determine who made the cut

The RMR system calculates a team's historical performance in the previous major Counter-Strike events and deducts points on a weighted average when a player(s) leave the team

Say a team has 1,000 RMR points and 2 players leave. The roster is only 60% of their 1,000 RMR lineup which leaves them with (.6x1000=) 600 RMR. Team changes can absolutely brutalize your RMR ranking

North's recent roster changes pushed them just out of the top 11 threshold needed to automatically advance to the Main event. Now they'll have to fight their way to that point with a hopefully upgraded squad

Date, time, & additional info

All players can compete this weekend in the Open Qualifiers. Top teams from Opens will group up with the Closed Qualifiers throughout the course of the following week


  • Open Qualifiers: Sep 18 - Sep 20
  • Closed Qualifiers: Sep 22 - Sep 25

Upon conclusion of the qualifiers, 5 teams will join the 11 already registered for the Main Event slated to start exactly one month from today

Main Event

  • Groups: Oct 15 - Oct 17
  • Break day: Oct 18
  • Playoffs: Oct 19 - Oct 25

Here are some more details regarding tournament format provided by Dreamhack's tournament organizers:

Tournament Format

  • Four GSL-style groups with four teams in each group
  • Top two teams from each group will be seeded into the upper bracket of the playoffs
  • Third place in the groups will be seeded into the lower bracket of the playoffs
  • Fourth place in the groups will be eliminated
  • For details about the qualifiers, click the button below

With the shattering hope of a physical Major in 2020, third party events like Dreamhack will have to carry the competitive community in all major Esports titles. Until the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 is revolved, this is our new normal

Make sure to catch all the action on Dreamhack's Twitch channel


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