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Myth Says Fortnite Will Hit Its “Second Peak” Within the Next Year or So

The Streamer Predicts a Dramatic Resurgence for Fortnite

Myth made a bold claim in response to a gameplay clip from Creative mode. Telling fans, “Get ready for Fortnite’s second peak”.

Despite what the constant “dead game” tweets would have you believe, Fortnite still has one of the largest active playerbases in gaming.  However, it’s safe to say that it’s not the cultural phenomenon it once was - but can it ever get back there?

Ali “Myth” Kabbani found fame during Fortnite’s original meteoric rise back in 2018, as one of the first players to push the limits of building (and taking fall damage). He eventually transitioned over to Valorant and now streams more variety content.

Myth recently replied to a tweet from esports news personality @JakeSucky. The clip showed a Call of Duty map remade inside Fortnite Creative by @MistJawaYT using the new first-person bug.

“Get ready for Fortnite’s second peak, called this two years ago. Sh**s gonna start speeding up this next year or so”, posted Myth.

It seems like he is largely referring to the imminent release of Creative 2.0, and creators essentially being able to build entire games inside Fortnite. Why pay $60 for Call of Duty when you can get the same experience inside Fortnite for free?

Fortnite Creative 2.0

Jake commented, “Been told by some huge names that this year gunna be huge for Fortnite. Can’t imagine what they got in store”. He is very well-connected and usually gets good information, so this is exciting to hear.

Of course, we don’t yet know exactly what Creative 2.0 will look like, or what it will be capable of. But if it brings stars like Myth back to Fortnite, we could well see the game regain the global popularity it enjoyed in those first few years.

This would also allow Fortnite to stay at the top long term. People will inevitably get bored of Battle Royale mode and Save the World after a while, having unlimited options inside Fortnite will stop them going elsewhere.

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