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What we changed since the launch of the beta

We love your feedback. Thank you. Your contribution is helping us to create a better experience. Let's look together at what we changed.

Everyone, we can't thank you enough for your collaboration since the launch of Rocket League Tracker 2.0 Beta. A lot of you answered the survey, and it was so amazing to get your feedback.

We understand that there's a lot on the table, and we are working to improve your experience on the new site.

Your feedback was super helpful, and we would love to know what you think about the recent changes. There's a lot to work on and improve, but it will help us if you can share your thoughts again in a new survey:

That is what we changed:

  • Updated profile layout: playlists section is now the first to show.
  • Fixed the order of playlists in profile overview (the order is the same for all players now).
  • Profiles, Performance tab: tabs have been replaced with boxes, Shot Tracking for Totals is now a column chart (instead of a line one). Plus, there are minor improvements in all charts.
  • The "Insights" page title is now "Distribution" to make it easier to understand if you are coming from the original site.
  • Distribution (graph): tooltip shows the number of players too, not just percentage.
  • Match History: if "Goals/Shots" is 0/0, it won't show the percentage.
  • Match History: changed the layout, added "Assists" and "Saves".
  • New: "Skill Rating" tab in profiles (It'll show both the tier and division if you hover over a point on a graph.).
  • Profiles, Overview tab, Playlists component: added "View Detail" button.
  • Now, you can click on a button in the list of playlists (under Overview tab) to open rating progress for that playlist. And also, you can now share a link to any of the playlists.
  • Profiles: Added "Live Tracker" button for easy access from your profile.
  • Fixed: "Steam avatars quality is degraded"
  • Fixed: Minor bugs in performance data for some users

Again, thank you so much, we'd love to know what you're thinking about the recent changes, and if you can, please help us by filling in the new survey. We'll meet again soon with more news on what's new.


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