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Easiest Champions to Play for Beginners in League of Legends

Looking for a new champion to main?

Winning a League of Legends game can be complex due to the huge number of mechanics that you have to learn, such as last-hitting, securing objectives, winning laning phase, and more. This also includes picking the right champion to start with. With the large pool of interesting champions to choose from, selecting the one that will grant you either your first triumph or downfall can be quite daunting.

In League of Legends, the level of difficulty varies from champion to champion, with some requiring more skill than others. In contrast, there are champions who bear pretty straightforward and simple abilities allowing you to win teamfights and duels without having to execute some complex moves. Choosing the latter though can be more effective as a beginner as it will allow you to focus on other important skills that are needed in the game, rather than staying AFK in base trying to comprehend a novel-like skill description.

Looking for the most beginner-friendly champions in League of Legends? Rest assured you’ve arrived in the right place. Listed down below are best beginner champions to pick for each role in League of Legends for Season 13 2023.

Top 10 Easy Champions for Beginners in League of Legends


If you want things to be easier right off the bat in the top lane, Garen is the champion for you.

League of Legends Garen

The mighty Demacian warrior is well-known for his spin-to-win playstyle, which he can finish off with a devastating ultimate.

He is a melee toplaner who may experience some struggles against ranged champions but can surely survive due to his tankiness and ability to stack armor and resistance. Ultimately, Garen’s kit has zero skillshots so new players will have no problem landing one when using Garen.

Garen is one of the greatest champions to learn on as a toplaner, thanks to his straightforward kit and low learning curve


Malphite is a versatile melee champion who can not only dominate top lane, but other lanes as well. The Shard Monolith is a tank champion capable of receiving incoming damage for his team, while also being able to set up teamfights with his ultimate. What makes his ultimate terrifying is you will be vulnerable to follow-up attacks after getting knocked up, like a Yasuo's and Miss Fortune's. Aside from that, Malphite can turn into a fearsome champ who can oneshot anyone if one decides to build AP on him.

League of Legends Malphite

Malphite is an ideal champion for beginners because all of his abilities are easy-to-hit and doesn't require complicated mechanics to make him work. He has a point-click first ability, and the rest are AOE.

A lot of champions counter him in the early phase of the game, but he will certainly stand out during teamfights regardless of his build.


Warwick has been around for a long time, and he's still one of the simplest junglers to pick up. His sustain, excellent jungle clear, and lack of skillshots in his non-ultimate abilities all contribute to his low learning curve.

League of Legends Warwick

He also has his ultimate, the Infinite Duress which plays a vital role in teamfights as he can use it on key targets, render them immobilized and unable to function for the duration or use it to peel for his allies. His ultimate ability, Infinite Duress, is also extremely useful in team fights, both for peeling and immobilizing enemies who are crucial to the other team's success.

Warwick is a good starter champion for players who are trying to learn how to jungle. Being a jungler is a hard task so using a beginner-friendly champion like him is advisable so you can focus on the mechanics and core skills that you need to learn to become efficient in your role.

Master Yi

Ready to get your pentakill by just spamming Q? Master Yi is definitely the answer to that. Master Yi offers an extremely simple kit that allows him to deal damage, recover some lost health, and increase his attack speed and movement speed.. The Samurai holds one of the easiest skillsets to master and is a great pick if you’re a hypercarry type of player. Despite having a weak early game, Master Yi keeps up by turning himself into a late-game menace provided that he’s able to farm for items.

League of Legends Master Yi

Surviving each combat and teamfights however will heavily rely on the proper timing of Alpha Strike (Q), dodging and knowing when and when not to engage especially when dealing against a heavy cc comp.


Lux is a mage midlaner that you can easily pick up if you’re new to League of Legends. Her skillsets revolve around using luminosity at her own disposal. With pretty straightforward abilities, beginners certainly will not have a hard time understanding how to unleash her full potential.

League of Legends Lux

She has a significant edge in the midlane primarily due to her range, snare and vexing abilities. This enables her to become one of the best lane bullies in League of Legends. Aside from it, players can use Lux as a support champion, thanks to her ability to shield and peel for her allies and poke opponents.


Annie bears a simple set of abilities, but is capable of running down opponents with a quick combo. Her skills are easy to understand and barely mechanically demanding, making her one of the best champions for beginners to pick up.

League of Legends Annie

She is capable of dealing AOE burst damage with the right combination of her abilities, and continues to become a menace during teamfights due to her passive. Annie’s passive, Pyromania allows her to stun multiple opponents before eliminating them all.

Miss Fortune

If you want to start as an ADC, one of the best champions to choose is Miss Fortune. Aside from normal attacks, Miss Fortune relies on her point-click and AOE abilities to deliver damage to multiple opponents at once that are pretty easy to hit due to its large. This is beneficial in the laning phase as it allows her to farm easily and poke opponents from a safe distance. You may also pair her with champions who can render multiple opponents immobilized just in time for her ultimate such as Seraphine, Malphite and Amumu.

League of Legends Miss Fortune


Although she is one of the older champions in League of Legends, Ashe continues to be significant up to this day thanks to what her abilities can offer. This contributed to her massive prominence in the professional arena, both as an ADC and as a support. Ashe also has a significant range advantage, ranking fourth in the game after only Caitlyn, Annie, and Senna.

League of Legends Ashe


Every player wanting to learn how to play as a support may choose to pick Soraka. Soraka is one of the easiest champions to play, requiring less complex mechanics when playing her.

League of Legends Soraka

Soraka is someone you can call an ambulance. Low on health? Fret not as you’ll soon see Soraka running towards your direction to fill up your health bar at her own expense. Two of her abilities are meant to heal her allies, while the rest are actually easy to hit.

Being an enchanter and having the ability to basically make your ally immortal, Soraka usually becomes one of the primary targets. Hence, playing Soraka will need proper positioning basically like how you position as an ADC as to not expose herself too much.


Leona is a great option if you're looking to play a support champion who isn't an enchanter.

League of Legends Leona

Zenith Blade (E) is Leona's third ability, and it allows her to dive into vital targets with great success. Unlike other skillshots though, Zenith Blade can pass through terrain, minions and other units making it relatively easy to land.

However, learning how to play Leona also includes figuring out when and when not to engage or all in so as to not throw some teamfights.

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