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The Stinger Meta: Are the nerfs enough?

The Stinger meta; is it over?

The professional season is just starting, the VALORANT Challengers leagues are ongoing, VALORANT Champions Tour kick-off tournament starts in less than two weeks, other tournaments are in the making; it's looking like a good start to the season.

However, the state of the meta is concerning to VALORANT professionals and the game, the Stinger being the culpable.

Stinger – Patch 5.06 meta

The "Stinger Meta" started in Patch 5.06 last September. In the patch, the stinger (which is an SMG weapon) received multiple buffs, including fire error adjustments in its favour.

  • PRIMARY Fire error adjusted from 1.6 after 7 bullets >>> 1.3 after 6 bullets
  • ALT Fire first shot error adjusted from .5 >>> .35

The update, in short, made the stinger the most reliable weapon in closer ranges. And with the fact that a few maps are smaller than others, and in addition, the agents who's entire abilities enable them to take on close range fights, the Stinger Meta became a pillar in the professional scene.

This meta grew roots in the competitive scene, and the professional alike. As all professional teams started using it in eco rounds, anti-eco, and even full purchase rounds.

The Stats


Execution In-Game


The Breakthrough

The Stinger is the go-to choice for the pros in most rounds, as long there are agents to close the distance gap, proper strategies behind it and the timing; The Stinger meta will win teams rounds that in paper should not win. Even if the round is lost, the team investing in Stingers might still have enough credits to purchase full utilities, guns in the following round.

It is always a win-win with the investment in Stingers.

Stinger – Patch 6.02 changes

After a long time, Riot Games has decided to step in and reconsider the Stinger's current state in the meta. Pushing for changes in the upcoming patch with the following:

  • Cost Increase 950 >>> 1100
  • Damage Fall-off Change:

-  27 damage per bullet (0 - 15 m)

- 23 damage per bullet (15 m+)

  • Previously:

- 27 damage per bullet (0 - 20 m)

- 25 damage per bullet (20 m+)

"For our NA players, we know we skipped the 6.02 PBE, and we wanted to give the heads-up. Likewise, we wanted to inform our pro VCT competitors as early as possible. Check out Patch Notes 6.02 when they go live starting Feb. 7!" - VALORANT shared on Twitter.

Is it the end of the Stinger Meta?

Aside from the cost increase, the Stinger should still be reliable in most rounds, might not be as effective but still better than Sheriffs.

The cost increase, on paper, should make it less picked, cause with it being over a thousand credits now, going full stingers is a gamble.

But again, this game is all about taking risks.

We have yet to see the patch changes in-game to give an educated opinion on the future of the Stinger in the meta, but for now, we think the Stinger will still be the gun of choice in eco rounds, anti-eco rounds!

Stay tuned to @ValorantTracker on Twitter for full Valorant esports coverage.


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