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Stream Sniping Problem Got Worse in VALORANT

This problem needs to be addressed.

Stream Sniping refers to the act of watching a live stream of a VALORANT pro or content creator in order to gain an unfair advantage and gathering real-time information about their location, tactics or strategies. And according to SR's Pro TDAWGG, the problem is worse than ever.

According to TDAWGG, there is a Discord Bot that some VALORANT gamers bought up that tells them who is it in Streamer Mode. Which, if true, breaks the entire competitive scene since most high elo VALORANT gamers are streaming their POV and aspiring to make content for their viewers.

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Riot Games has to address this recurring problem and enforce strict rules against those found Stream Sniping. In addition, Riot Games has to patch up this loophole allowing Discord Bots to tell users who is it in Streamer Mode.

Until then, here are a few solutions to implement to escape Stream Sniping:



Streams can use this to ensure that information is no longer in real-time. And although this helps counter stream sniping, it also hampers the interactive nature of streaming and ruins Stream/Audience engagement.  


VALORANT's reporting mechanic should be further enhanced to allow streamers to report suspected stream snipers. And streams should report stream snipers, allowing Riot Games to investigate and take appropriate actions, including bans.

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