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How to Mute Chat and Pings in League of Legends

Sick of toxic players? Just mute them.

It is well-known that the League of Legends community, like that of any other competitive video game, is notoriously toxic. This can make playing the game tiresome at times which in turn could negatively impact your overall performance. It only takes one slip-up, or even just being present in-game, to get called out and criticized by your team. Or it may be the enemy team trying to throw you off your game by flooding the channel with emotes or messing up with you using /allchat. Each of these is rather a nuisance and can be tilting. The only way to avoid having to deal with them is to put them on mute.

Read on to learn how to silence pings and chat in League of Legends.

How to mute and block chats and pings

There are several ways on how to mute or block chats and pings from your teammates or opponents.

Champion Select

During the champ select, players have the option to mute players by hovering their cursor on that specific player and clicking on the message icon to mute them for the rest of the game.

In-game settings

Simply click on the in-game settings and head to the “Interface” section. This will allow you to pick which of the following do you want to be visible. At the bottom part of this, you can also click on the box right next to “Mute Enemy Emotes” to mute them if you find them annoying.


On either side of the scoreboard, two buttons are placed right next to each champion. Clicking on the message icon allows you to mute all texts from the player.

Chat commands

Alternatively, players can choose to use chat commands depending on their preferences.

  • /mute Summoner Name -  Mutes and hides any chat coming from a specific player.
  • /mute all -  Mutes and hides any chat coming from all players.
  • /ignore Summoner Name - Ignoring a player essentially blocks them. They are muted both during that session and any subsequent ones you have with that person.
  • /ignore all - Mutes everyone in that game session and subsequent session.
  • /fullmute Summoner Name - Fullmute hides every chat and pings coming from the specific player.
  • /fullmute all - Hides both chat and pings from all players from teammates and enemies.

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Can you mute yourself in League of Legends?

Previously in Patch 13.4, League of Legends has included an option to prevent yourself from chatting. Simply type /muteself to toggle the feature on, or use /deafen if you want to disable the whole chat system as it will mute yourself and the rest of the players. When used, the whole team will be notified.


League of Legends is a game you can download to have fun with or without your friends, or if you're in need of a good rest after a tiring shift at work or school. Ironically, some games you’ll hop into may turn into toxic ones, so having these options added to combat toxicity is indeed heaven-sent.


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