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Best Agents to Play on Haven

Here are the best VALORANT agents to pick on Haven

Haven, one of VALORANT most popular and beloved maps that has been available since the Closed Beta, features three sites similar to Lotus. Set in Bhutan, the map offers a blend of long-range engagements and close-quarter combat as well. Although this map is said to be difficult, however, with our list of the best agents to use on Haven, this map will become easier to handle.


Haven favours the attacking side, and rewards aggressive approaches. And this map has multiple areas where Jett's abilities make her invincible and a force to be reckoned with. According to TrackerNetwork's Agents Usage, Jett is one of the most picked agents in this map. Jett's Tailwind (E) offers a get out of jail free card, enabling the user to dip out of unfavourable fights without getting punished for it. In addition, her Cloudburst (C) allows Jett to obscure vision and cross to open areas as well, while her Updraft (Q) grants her vertical advantage which is hard to counter. Her Ultimate (X), becomes quite useful on Haven, where her abilities to dash and updraft gave her an edge over enemies who won't be able to react in time before a knife from the Ultimate hit them. Jett is a high-risk, high-reward agent, that is a must pick on Haven.

Also, Jett can be the perfect agent to pull an Operator on, and with this map's long range combats, Jett fits in well, making her the best agent to get unexpected first bloods or just gather information and dash back.


Breach, one of the most hated Agents and for good reason, can have a significant impact on the outcome of rounds on Haven. The combination of Jett and Breach can be a game changer for teams seeking an aggressive and disruptive approach. Jett's abilities allow her to be mobile at most times, and combined with Breach's crowd-control abilities, it is an unmatched duo. The "Fdash" aka Flash and Dash technique that has been used in most competitive games, is also a threat to enemies. But Jett/Breach duo aside, Breach's utilities that include Flashpoint (Q) allow him to flashbang enemies and create a massive advantage for allies. In addition, since Haven includes multiple small cubbies and tight areas, Breach's Aftershock (C) is the perfect thing to use to get free kills if combined with his signature Faultline (E). But Breach's most important trait is his Ultimate (X), which allow him to either facilitate a retake or take a site, which allows allies to either leave a site open and retake it in a comfortable fashion on defense, or hit a site without second thoughts on attack.

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What would allies do without a proper controller? Omen, the enigmatic controller, can be a super important agent on Haven. His abilities to manipulate areas and sow confusion among opponents make him a valuable asset. Omen's Paranoia (Q) serves as a complimenting flash to Breach's Flashpoint, which blinds an entire line, making the executions on this map quite easier and comfortable. In addition, Shrouded Step (C) can be combined with his Paranoia (Q) to make big IQ executions, follow Flexinja's Omen Guide to master this agent and become a menace to others. But Omen's most important trait is his Dark Cover (E), which allows him to put down orbs that serve as smokes and obscure vision, allowing allies to execute or retake a site. However, in this map Brimstone or Astra can work as well, and as of recent, Harbor has been emerging as an essential pick here too.


Sova, the initiator, can be a game changer agent on Haven with his abilities. Although Fade can do almost the same things that Sova does, but since Haven has a lot of long range areas, his darts work better than Fade's utilities. Sova can gather valuable information and pinpoint enemies locations, which sets allies for success. Sova's Owl Drone (C) can scout out areas and setting up coordinated pushes. His Recon Bolt (E) can flush out hidden opponents and provide allies with enough intel to retake or take a site. His Ultimate (X) can be used in post plants to win important rounds and to stall enemies.

C Retake Recon Dart Lineup

In addition, Sova's Shock Bolt (Q) can be Sova's best trait, these bolts can be used in the form of lineups from all across the map to target certain areas and get free kills.

A Site Default Double Shock Dart Lineup


The German engineer is the final piece to this Haven agent composition. Her abilities allow her to lock down massive areas of the map, and since Haven is quite a big map, her pick is justified. Her abilities include an Alarmbot (Q) that triggers whenever enemies are within its range, giving allies intel. In addition, her Turret (E) can be placed and would serve as a 6th agent for allies. And just like Sova, her Nanoswarms (C) can be used in the form of lineups to get valuable kills and secure post plants and retakes. But one of her most important abilities is her Ultimate (X), Lockdown shows a radius that if caught inside after the windup, enemies are detained. KJ is an important and effective agent that can control areas and disrupt enemies strategies with her abilities.

Nanoswarm A Default Lineup

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