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Best VALORANT Agents to Play as a Beginner

These agents can help you get ahead in VALORANT as a beginner

For newcomers entering the world of VALORANT, the intricate mechanics of the game can often seem overwhelming. The fast-paced game, unique abilities, and tactical decision-making can leave them feeling clueless and uncertain about how to get better in the game. However, selecting the right agents can make these newcomers find their own footing and make their VALORANT experience much smoother. Here's the best agent to use as a beginner.


Sage is considered one of the best agents in VALORANT due to the agent's simplistic abilities and her essential role in competitive or casual games. One of her main abilities is Barrier Orb (C), which helps Sage place down a wall to stop enemies from advancing to areas in the map, and this is one of the abilities that take few tries to master. In addition, Sage can throw Slow Orbs (Q) in a similar fashion to the Barrier Orb, which also helps to slow down enemies and gain important time for allies to rotate over and clean the round up. We saved the best for last, Sage can heal, Healing Orb (E) can be used to heal allies or heal herself. When Sage collects an amount of Ultimate Orbs, Sage can resurrect one of her allies back to life as well.

Sage can be a super defensive agent, however, as we explained, her arsenal of abilities makes her the go-to agent for newcomers.

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Phoenix is a versatile agent that has self-sustaining abilities and aggressive firepower. If Sage's defensive approach doesn't cut it, go super aggressive with Phoenix's super simple abilities. His abilities allow him to heal himself using Hot Hands (E), as well as creating a wall that helps sight-denial using his Blaze (C). Phoenix's straightforward kit enables beginners to engage in duels with confidence. In addition, his arsenal of abilities includes a flash bang Curveball (Q) upon using it sends a small ball that blinds the enemies, giving Phoenix a massive advantage to work with. His Ultimate Run It Back (X) allows him to place a marker at his initial location. While this Ultimate is active, if shot or allowing the timer to expire will end this Ultimate and bring Phoenix back to this location with full health and the amount of armour he had when the Ultimate was used.

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For those who love a more tactical and strategic approach. The Cameraman agent is an exceptional agent choice, and just like the two agents mentioned above, his abilities are quite simple to use and master. His surveillance tools, including Camera and Tripwires provide valuable information about enemies movements. One of his abilities is Tripwire (C) which allow him to place a wire that if crossed the trespasser will be tethered and revealed. In addition, his Q allow him to create a cage that denies sight and allows the user to navigate through. His E is a camera that can be placed wherever and can be used to view the camera's perspective, also shoot a dart that tags enemies and reveals them.

This agent is for those who love to excel in the strategic side of the game, and although this agent requires alot of patience and timings, his abilities can grant beginners a signifcant advantage.


Sova's scouting abilities set him apart as an essential agent for beginners. With his Recon Bolt (E) and Owl Drone (C), Sova can gather crucial information about enemies positions and movements. These abilities allow newcomers to contribute to their team's success while still learning the intricacies of gun mechanics and game sense. Sova's support role is unrivalled, and his abilities take a use or two to get a hang of them.

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