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Riot Forge's Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story Arrives Soon in 2024

Time to dive into a charming pixel-art adventure alongside Yordles from the Bandle City!

Riot Forge made an exciting announcement, pulling back the curtain to reveal the upcoming cozy crafting RPG that will arrive next year.

This magical game transports players into the heart of Runeterra's whimsical Bandle City, a place where tiny yordles thrive in a vibrant and "fun-tastical" world where everything is great until something goes wrong. Here's everything you need to know about Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story.

Developed by Lazy Bear, known for their hit titles like Graveyard Keeper and Punch club, Bandle Tale is another League of Legends spin-off title announced during Nintendo Direct on September 14th.

At the heart of Bandle Tale lies a captivating story that unfolds around you, a shy yordle, and an unexpected event. The crux of the story hinges on the sudden collapse of the city's once-reliable portal network, plunging the normally peaceful and bustling yordle community into disarray and chaos. With the city's very existence at stake, you, as the player, shoulder the weighty responsibility of restoring order and harmony to Bandle City.

With high hopes of revitalizing the city, you must embark on an adventure that is sure to challenge your resourcefulness at every turn, from gathering materials, showcasing your green thumb, cooking, crafting useful gadgets, to even fishing! Along your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter some familiar faces that you typically only see inside the rift.

Bandle Tale heavily deviates from the adrenaline-fueled, high-stakes battle and competitive environment of League of Legends, perfect for players who long for a relaxed and wholesome gaming experience. With its Stardew valley-like gameplay, this game brings a laid-back ad chill vibe, allowing players to explore the life of yordles and possibly, their lore while being free from the usual tension a competitive game usually brings.

Which yordles will appear in Bandle Tale?

Players have been utterly captivated to see one of Runeterra’s existing region in an entirely new perspective within Bandle Tale. But what set the community abuzz are the charming yordles that are seen on the trailer. In this “fun-tastical” adventure, you’ll get to meet champions such as Corki, Rumble, Tristana, Teemo, Lulu, Veigar and even Yuumi!

These are the only champions that have been revealed according to its trailer. Meanwhile, the inclusion of yordles such as  such as Amumu, Fizz, Gnar, Heimerdinger, Kennen, Kled, Norra, Poppy, Vex is not yet certain, considering that they reside out of the Bandle City.

When is the release date of the Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story?

Within the same trailer, it's unveiled that 'Bandle Tale' is slated for release across multiple platforms in the year 2024. However, that is all that’s known as of now, as the developers are yet to provide a precise launch date or even a specific quarter within the year when it might potentially become accessible to players.

Where can I play the Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story

Similar to League of Legends, 'Bandle Tale' will be accessible for PC gamers via platforms like Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. However, what adds an extra layer of excitement is that Bandle Tale is also set to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch, providing fans with the delightful option of experiencing the game on their handheld devices.

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